Comments Menu

Comments are used for text reviewing or suggesting possible changes in PDF documents. They are not editing tools itself, since their use doesn’t alter source file content.

  • Add Sticky Noteinsert-annotation  Note is one of the most basic comment tools. Mouse click a place where you want to locate your note and insert your comment. Author’s name will be automatically included into the header. Other users may answer notes.
  • Typewriter  Add comment text at the cursor position without complicated editing.
  • Label  Add a note with a specific graphic label.
  • Comment View  Hide/show/select the type of comment displaying.
  • Show comments List  Show/hide comments as a list in the navigator area.
  • Measurements  Designed to measure distances, areas and perimeters.
  • Drawing  Drawing tools are used to emphasize commented objects in the document.
  • Stamp Place stamps on the pages of a PDF document in a same manner as on paper pages.
  • Highlight Texthighlight-text  Mark important parts of text for later usage.
  • Strikeout Textstrikethrough  Text selection with strike-through.
  • Underline text underline For text underlining.
  • Attach a File as a Comment  Attaching a file to the current document as comment.
  • Export Comments Data…  Export comments with records to separate fbf file.
  • Import Comments Data…  Add exported and saved to fbf file comments to current document.

Creation and edition of Comments described in Comments section.