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Comments are used for text reviewing or suggesting possible changes in PDF documents. They are not editing tools themselves, since their use doesn’t change source file content. Comments are not displayed when the document is printed.

  • Add Sticky Note Adding a sticky note in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+6)  Add a note to the document. Position the cursor at the necessary place and insert your comment. The author’s name will automatically be included in the header. Other users may answer notes.
  • Typewriter Typewriter in Master PDF Editor   Add comment text at the cursor position without complicated editing.
  • Callout Callout in Master PDF Editor  Add a text comment with an arrow to point to the specific spot on the page you want the readers to pay attention to.
  • Label Adding a graphic label in Master PDF Editor  Add a note with a specific graphic label (e.g., as a Check Mark, Circle, or Right Arrow).
  • Comment View Comment view in Master PDF Editor   Hide/show/select the comment display type, or delete all comments.
  • Show Сomments List  Show/hide comments as a list in the Navigation Panel. Comments list can be filtered by comment type, reviewer, or status.
  • Measurements Measuring distance, area, and perimeter in Master PDF Editor  Measure distance, area, and perimeter of the objects in the document.
  • Drawing Using drawing tools in Master PDF Editor  Mark commented objects in the document with such drawing tools as Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Pencil, Brush, Polygon and Cloud.
  • Stamp Adding a stamp in Master PDF Editor  Place a stamp on the document in the same manner as putting a seal impression on paper pages.
  • Highlight Text Highlighting text in Master PDF Editor  Highlight important parts of the text with color.
  • Strikeout Text Strikeout text in Master PDF Editor  Cross out a text to show what content needs to be changed or deleted.
  • Underline text Underline text in Master PDF Editor  Underline selected text.
  • Attach a File as a Comment Attaching a file as a comment in Master PDF Editor  Attach a file to the current document as a comment.
  • Export Comments Data…  Export comments with records to a separate FDF file to send only this data to your collaborators instead of transferring the entire PDF document.
  • Import Comments Data…  Add file comments exported and saved in an FDF format to the current document.

For details on how to create and edit comments, see Comments section.

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