File Menu

Common file operations for XPS and PDF can be found in File menu. They include:

  • New (Ctrl+N) Сreate new document
  • Open (Ctrl+O) Opens existing PDF or XPS file.
  • Reload  Reload current file from a disk. It’s useful if any external changes have been made to it.
  • Recent Files View files which were opened and/or changed recently. You can also clear that list by choosing Empty recent files list.
    You can open multiple documents in same Master PDF Editor at a time. When multiple files opened you can easily choose required file by clicking corresponding tab below the toolbar.
  • Save (Ctrl+S) Save current file.
  • Save As… (Ctrl+Shift+S) Save current file with new name.
  • Save Optimized As… (Ctrl+Alt+S) Optimization allows to reduce size of images in PDF file. Using all or only some of the optimization parameters depends on planned file usage and its desired properties.
  • Export
    • Pages to Text – Save current document as text
    • Pages to Images  – Save current document as image in one of the following formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF.
    • Extract all Images – Extract all images from the current PDF document
  • Email  Send currenrt file via email.
  • Print (Ctrl+P) Print current file. This will show default print dialog, where you can set printing properties.
  • System Print…  Print using system dialog.
  • Properties (Ctrl+D) Current document properties.
  • Close Close current document.
  • Exit Close the application.