Editing Page Layout and Cropping in PDF

Changing page size

To change the layout of a page including its size and margins, click Document > Page Layout or press the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut.

Editing Page Layout in PDF files

In this window you can see a preview of the page on the left and layout settings on the right. The values are represented in one of three available units:

  • Points
  • Inches
  • Millimeters

The Unit dropdown box allows you to select a preferable unit.

Page size (MediaBox)

This section sets the size of the page or the PDF media box.

  • Left and Right set the width of the page
  • Top and Bottom set the height of the page

If you want to change the format of the page, modify these values.

Content size (CropBox)

This section if enabled sets the margins of the page’s inner content. By default, margins are disabled and are zero. If you turn on Content size, you can specify non-zero margins to crop the contents of the page that don’t fit the margins. This is called the crop box in PDF documentation.

Content size (CropBox) in PDF


Note: The cropped content of the page is not removed from the document.

Note: Changing the size of the content does not change the size of the page!

There is also a visual and handier way to crop a page or pages. It is described below.

When you have finished adjusting the layout of the page you can choose what pages it should apply to: the current page only, all pages of the PDF document or pages in a specified range. You can also make the program apply the settings to odd or even pages only, which is convenient when the layout is dependent on the position of a page on a two-page opening.

Click OK to apply the changes to the document.

Cropping a PDF page

To crop a page, select Document > Crop Pages menu or press Ctrl+K.

A crosshair mouse cursor indicates that you should select a crop area now. Define a rectangular area on the page encompassing the content that you want to keep.

Cropping a PDF page

Once you define the area, the Page Layout window opens.

Page Layout window

Here you can precisely edit the crop region as well as the page size to contain it.

In the Units dropdown you can select units to measure all the dimensions: points, inches or millimeters.

The Page Range section allow you to apply the same cropping to multiple pages of the document: all pages, the current page only, even or odd pages only, or a specific page range.

When you are done, click the OK button to finish the cropping. All the specified pages will be cropped as you have set.

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