Drawing Tools. PDF Files Commenting.

Drawing tools are used to emphasize commented objects in the document.

Function Description
Add an arrow pointing at commented object.
Select commented object with a straight line. Used to underline, strike-through and emphasizing.
Select commented area with a rectangle or a square.
Selected commented area with an ellipse or a circle.
Select commented area of any shape.
Select comment area of any shape just like with the pencil, but the trail is thicker.


You can select comment area by choosing required tool in Comments menu or by clicking corresponding button on the toolbar. Comment tool will be active until you press Esc key or click right mouse button (or choose another tool).

In order to draw a line, arrow, rectangle or ellipse, drag the mouse pointer to the document area where you want to leave a comment. Press left mouse button and move the pointer in required direction without releasing it by required distance.
When double-clicking using Hand tool a window will be opened, where you can leave comment text.
Object Inspector allows to change following parameters of any comment: author, subject, note text, color, its opacity and thickness.

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