The Typewriter tool is a quick way to add some comment text to a PDF document without much editing.

Using typewriter

To select the Typewriter tool, click the Typewriter button Typewriter in Master PDF Editor on the toolbar or use the Comments > Typewriter menu.

Then, click where you want to add the text comment.

Typewriter in Master PDF Editor

You can adjust the parameters of the typewriter using the Object Inspector panel. Specifically, you can modify the following properties:

  • Text format including font name, font style, font size and alignment;
  • Fill and border color;
  • Line style and width.

Editing typewriter text

To edit a previously added typewriter object, select the Hand Tool using the corresponding toolbar button Hand tool in Master PDF Editor or press Alt+6. Then, click the typewriter object to select it. Now, in the Object Inspector panel, you can edit parameters of the object.

Changing parameters of typewriter comment in Master PDF Editor

You can also enable the Locked option, so the Typewriter object can only be modified by its author.

To modify the text of the typewriter, change colors or font, double-click the Typewriter object.

Change parameters of typewriter in Master PDF Editor