Exporting and importing comments

Export of comments data allows you to export comments from the document and send only these data to your collaborators instead of transferring the full PDF document. This function copies comments and records them to a separate FDF file.

To export comments, choose Comments > Export Comments Data… in the menu. This will pop up a Save As… window, where you can change the comments file name and save it. By default, the name of the comments data file looks like this: (source document name)_comments.fdf.

Example: Мy document_comments.fdf

When importing comments data that was previously exported and saved to an FDF file, the comments data are added to the PDF document.

To import comments from an FDF file to the document choose Comments > Import Comments Data… in the menu. Browse for a comments data file in the dialog box and press the Open button.

The position and content of the comments will be identical to the PDF file they were exported from.