Editing Formatted Text in PDF Documents

The PDF format supports two types of text objects: simple text objects and formatted text objects. For the former one, please refer to this section.

Unlike simple text, formatted text can use formatting, styles and alignment.

Inserting formatted text to the PDF document

To insert a formatted text object to the page, click the Insert Formatted Text  button on the toolbar or use the Objects > Formatted Text menu or press Ctrl+T, then click a place on the page where you want this text object to be and type the text. Click anywhere outside the edit box or press Esc to finish editing.

Editing formatted text

To edit a formatted text in the PDF document, select the formatted text object using the Edit Document  tool or the Edit Text  tool. Then double-click the formatted text object you want to modify.

Changing formatting

To change formatting of the formatted text, bring up the Object Inspector panel using the corresponding button in the right-side panel or press Ctrl+F11. Then, initiate editing of the formatted text object as described above. You should see the Format section then:

Now you can edit the text of the object. For instance, you can change font style, color or family of selected parts of the text, and align text lines using the Align Left, Align Center and Align Right buttons.

Moving and resizing the formatted text

A formatted text object can be moved to another place just like any other PDF object. You can read how to move objects in this section. You cannot directly resize the formatted text object, because the size of the object depends on the text content.

Rotating the formatted text

You have two ways to rotate a formatted text:

Aligning the formatted text object on the page

You can align a formatted text object using the Align command on the toolbar or in the Edit menu. Please read more about aligning objects in this section.

Aligning the formatted text object on the page does not change the alignment of its text content:

Center align of the formatted text

Right align of the formatted text

Copying and pasting formatted text

Copying from

If you want to copy text from some text objects to paste it to another application or another object, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Select Text  tool on the toolbar or in the Tools menu (Alt+7). The mouse cursor will change to a crosshair.
  2. Hold the mouse button and drag the selection rectangle over the text you want to select
  3. Right-click and select Copy in the context menu or press Ctrl+C.
  4. Then, you can paste this text wherever you want.

NOTE: This will only copy text, not its formatting or the formatted text objects themselves. Copying and pasting objects is described here.

Pasting to

If you want to paste a text copied from another source to a PDF page, you should insert a text object or a formatted text object in the document and then paste the text from the clipboard to the edit box.

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