Opening and Saving PDF Files

Master PDF Editor is fully compatible with PDF specification 1.7 and also supports files with dynamic XFA forms, which allows the application to open and view any files created in other PDF editors while saving their settings.

Opening PDF Files

PDF document can be opened:

  • From Master PDF Editor application.
  • From email client.
  • From file system.
  • From the network with web browser after downloading file to local PC.

Initial view of PDF document depends on its properties, set by owner. It can be opened with predefined scale on specific page.

Perform any of the following actions to open file in Master PDF Editor

  • Double click PDF file icon in the file system.
  • Choose File > Open in Main menu or press document-open Open File button on the toolbar (or use Ctrl+O shortcut). In the Open File dialog window choose file name and press Open. As a rule, PDF documents have .pdf extension.
  • Open Master PDF Editor window and drag PDF file into it.

Opening Protected PDF Document

If you received PDF document which is protected from opening, entering password is required to work with it. Some protected documents have limitations, disabling printing, editing, copying etc. Such document can be opened without a password.

It is required to enter Permissions password to access limited functions.

P.SMore detailed information is provided in Document Properties section, Document Security.

Recently Opened Documents

To view recently opened documents select:

  • File > Recent files.
  • Or click drop-down list ▼ icon to the left of document-open Open file button on the toolbar.

P.STo clear history of recently used files select File > Recent files > Empty recent files list.

Saving PDF Files

Master PDF Editor allows to save PDF documents with comments, records in form fields and digital signatures. Users may modify files, if document owner hadn’t set certain limitations. All additional prohibitions for using and saving files may be viewed in menu File > Document Properties, Security tab.

In order to save changes in the current file, select File > Save in the Main menu or press document-save Save button on the toolbar. You can also use Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut.

To save PDF file copy, choose File > Save As… in Main menu or press document-save-as Save As… button on the toolbar. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut.

To export PDF into variety of image formats choose File > Export to > Images.

P.SRepeated saving of PDF file with digital signature invalidates the signature.

Optimization and Saving

Optimization allows to reduce PDF files size. Specific parameters of saved file depend on later usage of the file and properties required for the resulting document. Read more in section Optimization and Saving

Export PDF to Image

Master PDF Editor allows to export PDF documents into image formats and then reopen them and use in another applications. More details are provided in section Export PDF to Image


If you work with multiple documents and you need to close current PDF file, press Close button on the tab. You can also choose File > Close in main menu. Press Close button in Master PDF Editor window to close all documents.

If you work with single document, just click Close button in Master PDF Editor window.



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