Attaching a file as a comment

You can attach any file to the PDF document to comment a certain part of it. The file can be an image, a document or even a multimedia file.

To attach a file as a comment to the PDF document, do the following:

  1. Select the Hand Tool on the toolbar  or in the Tools menu (Alt+6).
  2. Click the Attach a File as a Comment button  on the toolbar. The mouse cursor will change to the crosshair.
  3. Click where you want to place the attachment in the document.
  4. Browse for a file you want to attach and open it.

Master PDF Editor will load this file and attach it to the PDF document.

You can adjust the text of the comment or bring up the Object Inspector window (Ctrl+F11) to adjust other parameters of the comment.

To open the attached document, double-click the attachment object in the working area. If the attached file is a PDF document, it is opened in Master PDF Editor in a new tab. Other documents are opened in their associated applications.

Also, you can see all files attached to the PDF document in the Attachment section on the left panel:

Click an attachment in the list to open it in the working area or double-click to open it.