Master PDF Editor - Online Manual

Master PDF Editor is simple in use but effective application for work with PDF files. Its features enable you to create, edit, view, encrypt, sign, and print interactive PDF documents with just a couple mouse clicks. Applications features include full PDF files support, import/export of PDF pages to images of different formats, XPS conversion to PDF and 256-bit encryption. You can also add different control elements such as buttons, text fields, flags and many other. Each control element can have event handlers assigned for predefined user actions, such as click, scroll, or selection. Your work will become even simpler than ever before with powerful comment tools like Sticky Note and Stamp.

Activate Master PDF Editor=Activation

Activate Master PDF Editor on your computer or deactivate to move the license to another system.

Preferences Master PDF Editor=Preferences

Configure Master PDF Editor to customize the appearance and functions to perfectly suit your workflow.

document properties=Document properties

View and edit document properties and metadata.

Add or Edit TextAdd or Edit Text

Edit or add text with any formatting, insert images or edit any objects in PDF documents.

Annotating PDFCommenting PDF

Comment documents with a number of tools including stamps, notes, selection, text underlining or strike-through and others.

PDF formsPDF forms

Fill, create and modify PDF Forms with validation.

Document SecurityDocument Security

Limited access to PDF with password or certificate, restrict user permissions.

digital signaturesDigital signatures

Verify digital signatures, create new ones and sign documents with them.

PDF BookmarksPDF Bookmarks

Manage bookmarks in any PDF document.

Create PDF documentsCreate PDF documents

Create documents from existing files, empty documents or scanned pages.


Optical character recognition engine for PDF documents.

Working with pagesWorking with pages

Manage pages in any PDF document.

Headers and Footers in PDFHeaders and Footers

Add headers and footers into PDF documents.

Backgrounds in PDFsBackgrounds in PDFs

Add background in PDF documents.

Watermarks in PDFsWatermarks in PDFs

Add watermarks to PDF documents.