Create a new PDF from files

Master PDF Editor allows to create a new document by composing it of multiple other files.
It is possible to add files (*.pdf, *.svg, *.svgz, *.tif, *.tiff, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.ppm) both separately or as whole folders, sorting the files by add order and choosing required pages from multipage files. You can also add new files and separate pages to the current document by specifying insertion position.
To create a new document from files, choose File > New > From Files item in main menu, or press Create a new document from files button on the toolbar.

Create a new PDF from files.


The Create a new document from files dialogue window provides a toolbar to Add Files or Add Folder with corresponding buttons.

Below the toolbar there is a sorting panel, which enables you to specify order of adding files and pages to the document. Then you can choose to add these to the new or current document. If latter, it is required to specify position to insert files and pages.

Add Files — add separate files;
Add Folder — add a folder with files;
Files information in the list:

  • File Name — file path and name;
  • Page Range — number and order of pages to be inserted into the document;
  • Total pages — total number of pages in the added file.

For selected files in the list:

  • Up — move selected files up the list.
  • Down — move selected files down the list.
  • Delete — remove selected files from the list.
  • Page Range — specify pages range for selected file.

Create New Document — set the checkbox and specify file path and name or press Browse button to choose file location folder and its name.

Append to Current Document — set the checkbox if you want to add the file to the end of existing document.

  • Position — specify the position of inserted pages in the current document.
    • Before current page
    • After current page
    • Before first page
    • After last page.

By default, a new file is saved into documents folder.


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