Insert blank pages to PDF

Master PDF Editor allows you to insert blank pages into the document to add the necessary text, images, forms, various controls etc.

To add blank pages to the document, select in the main menu Document -> Insert blank pages .
In “Insert blank pages” dialogue window set page size and orientation, content size and number of pages in the document…

  • Position — choose one of page insertion options: insert before the current page, after the current page, before the first page, or after the first page.
  • Page Size — choose one of default formats in the list or set custom page size, which can be measured in points, inches or millimeters.
  • Contents Size — set size of margins to display document pages partially.
  • Number of pages — set the number of pages.


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A whole file or just some of its pages can also be added to the document. Paper document can be easily converted into editable PDF file and inserted into existing document with scanner.


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