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Master PDF Editor has a wide range of tools for working with pages. Add, delete, crop, rotate pages, and change their sizes. Besides, the application allows converting text within an image into an editable text format and changing the page content within the predefined events.

  • Insert Blank Pages Inserting blank pages in Master PDF Editor(Ctrl+Shift+N)  Add blank pages to the document. The menu item opens a dialog box where you can define such page parameters as size, orientation, contents size, and position and set the number of new pages.
  • Replace Pages  Choose pages for replacement, new pages and page range, import bookmarks from new pages. The dialog box also shows a preview of pages to replace and new pages.
  • Delete Pages Deleting pages in Master PDF Editor (Alt+Del)  Remove a current page or selected pages. You can also use a thumbnail panel to select and delete pages.
  • Move Pages  Set specific pages to be moved and select their location. This option can be used with a thumbnail panel, which allows selecting pages with a mouse. Hold down the Shift key while clicking the left mouse button to select a group of pages. You can choose any group and number of pages by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the left mouse button.
  • Crop Page Cropping a page in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+K)  Crop a page, defining its area with a mouse.
  • Page layout Page layout in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+Shift+L)  Display a window that allows setting page layout (width, height in pixels, inches, or mm). Content size parameters can be adjusted if a user needs to display only a part of the page (left, right, top, and bottom fields).
  • Rotate Pages  (Ctrl+R)  Rotate a current page or selected pages. There are a few rotation directions: Clockwise 90 degrees, Counterclockwise 90 degrees, and 180 degrees.
  • Extract Pages… Exporting pages in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+Shift+E)  Export pages from a PDF file. You can choose specific pages to export by setting the page numbers and specify a file name and destination folder. You can export all the pages as a single file or create a separate file for each page. You can also Export Bookmarks. For more details about advanced bookmark capabilities, see Managing bookmarks.
  • Insert Pages… Inserting pages in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+Shift+I)  Import pages from a specific PDF file or all files from a folder. You can specify the position and page range of imported files in a current document. To import bookmarks check Import Bookmarks box.
  • Organize Pages….  View pages of the PDF file as thumbnails in the Navigation Panel.
  • Document Actions Document actions in Master PDF Editor  Create or modify JavaScript functions that will be executed on specific document events: Document Will Close, Document Will Save, Document Did Save, Document Will Print, Document Did Print.
  • Document JavaScript Document JavaScript in Master PDF Editor  Create or modify JavaScript code that will be executed on document opening. Global JavaScript functions and variables called from local events are also defined here.
  • JavaScript Console (Ctrl+J)  Open a JavaScript console where you can execute any JavaScript code or get the debugged JavaScript output of a current document.
  • Header and Footer Header and footer in Master PDF Editor  Add headers and footers with text, a page number, or a date to a PDF document.
  • Watermark Watermark in Master PDF Editor  Add a watermark in front of or behind the document.
  • Background Background in Master PDF Editor  Add a background color or an image from a file to a PDF document.
  • Page Properties Page properties in Master PDF Editor  Adjust page properties to set tab order on a page. Page Properties menu allows you to open the following tabs:
    • Tab Order. Set a tab order for forms (text fields, list boxes, buttons, etc.) in Hand Tool mode using the Tab key: Use Row Order, Use Column Order, Use Document Structure, Unspecified.
    • Actions. Create or modify JavaScript code that will be executed on page opening and/or closing.
  • Redaction Redaction in Master PDF Editor  Hide sensitive or private information with colored boxes in a PDF document.
  • OCR Optical character recognition in Master PDF Editor  Convert images containing text to editable PDF text format, which supports document text search, copying, and editing.
  • Optimize Scanned Pages  Reduce the size of PDF documents through optimization. Optimization removes unnecessary and unused elements from the PDF file and compresses images and forms to reduce the total document size.

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