Information security recommendations

There are some general tips for safe using Master PDF Editor:

  • It’s not recommended sharing passwords and digital certificates with third parties after an encryption of documents.
  • It’s recommended using one of the following document encryption algorithms to ensure information security when applying a password to open a document: 40 bit RC4, 128 bit RC4, 128 bit AES, or 256 bit AES.
  • It’s recommended setting the encryption permissions and selecting the actions that are allowed to be performed on the document to limit the range of actions allowed in a document. Go to File > Properties > Security to configure settings.
  • It’s not recommended following third-party links. By default, warnings are enabled in the settings when opening links. Go to Tools > Settings > Forms > Show warning when opening links to configure settings.
  • It’s recommended viewing documents in a safe reading mode, by default this option is enabled. Also, it is recommended turning off JavaScript execution in the document if you are unsure of the JavaScript functions that are executed when certain actions are performed. If JavaScript execution is disabled, some Java functions are prohibited from executing. Go to Tools > Settings > JavaScript > Enable JavaScript/Enable safe reading mode to configure settings.
  • Master PDF Editor allows users to manually configure the proxy. Data is filtered to ensure network security when using a proxy server in a corporate network. Go to Tools > Settings > Settings > Manual proxy configuration to configure settings.
  • It is necessary to download packages only from the official website,, when installing or updating the program. You can open the website though the program: Help > Home Page.
  • Master PDF Editor provides removing the document metadata. Choose File > Properties > Document Info to remove it.
  • It’s recommended applying a digital signature to a document for ensuring the authenticity and integrity. Select Forms > Signature to add a digital signature.
  • Master PDF Editor has the data backup function that saves documents automatically so that users do not lose them. By default, creating a backup file is enabled Tools > Settings > General > Create backup file.