Managing bookmarks

How to create, remove and modify bookmarks in a PDF document

Adding a bookmark

To add a bookmark to a PDF document, click the Bookmarks tab  on the side panel. Then right-click the panel and click Add Bookmark.

Add bookmark in PDF File

The bookmark properties window opens.

bookmark properties

Enter the text of the bookmark providing enough information about where it points to. Optionally, adjust the appearance of the bookmark. Click OK to create the bookmark.

If you right-click an existing bookmark, the new bookmark will be added as a child bookmark:

Managing bookmarks in PDF

You can also adjust position of a bookmark in the tree by dragging and dropping it.

Deleting a bookmark

To delete a bookmark, right-click it in the list and click Delete Bookmark.

To delete multiple bookmarks:

  • Hold Ctrl and click bookmarks you want to select one by one;
  • or hold Shift and click the first and the last bookmarks to select all bookmarks in between.

Then right-click and click Delete Bookmark to delete all selected bookmarks.

Editing a bookmark

To edit a bookmark, right-click it and select Bookmark Properties.

If you just want to assign a different page view to a bookmark, navigate to the part of the document you want to bookmark, then right-click the bookmark in the list and select Set Destination.

Editing a bookmark

NOTE: the bookmark saves both the position in the document and its current zoom level. Setting a new destination will also save the current zoom level. Whenever you click this bookmark, it will adjust the scale of the document back to its saved state.

If you want the bookmark to preserve the current zoom level of the document without restoring it back to the saved one, you should edit the bookmark as follows:

  1. Right-click the bookmark and click Bookmark Properties.
  2. Switch to the Action tab.
  3. Select Goto a Page View action in the list and click Edit.

Bookmark Properties.

  1. Master PDF Editor will ask whether you want to set the current position. Click Custom. This will bring up the following dialog:

  1. Select Custom in the Zoom Mode dropdown box and set Zoom to “0” (“auto”). Click OK.

Read more about setting actions to a bookmark below.

Advanced bookmark capabilities

With bookmarks you can navigate not only across the document, but also open external web links, execute files, open other documents and even execute JavaScript.

For example, here is how you can make a bookmark open a URL.

  1. Right-click the bookmark list to add a bookmark.
  2. In the Bookmark Properties window switch to the Actions tab.

Advanced bookmark capabilities in PDF

  1. Select the action you want to perform when the bookmark is clicked. In our case we want to open a link, so select Open a web link item. Click Add.

Click OK to add the bookmark.

Now, when this bookmark is clicked, the following dialog appears:

Note that you can assign multiple actions to the same bookmark. In this case all of the actions are executed starting from the first one.

The following actions are available:

  • Go to a Page View. The default action that navigates to a specified place in the document.
  • Open/Execute a File. This action opens a specified file or runs a executable.
  • Open a web link. The action allows you to open any URL in the default browser.
  • Reset form. Select fields of a PDF form or forms to reset. The contents of these fields will be removed.
  • Show/hide fields. You can select which fields of a form or forms should be visible. When this action executes, the selected fields will turn their visibility as specified.
  • Submit a form. This action allows you to initiate submitting of the selected fields of a form using on of available formats and submission methods.

actions to the same bookmark in pdf

  • Run a JavaScript. When you select this, the JavaScript editor opens where you can compose a script that will be executed when this action is activated. This allows you to perform conditional formatting, calculate field values, validate information entered to a form, and so on.

execute a JavaScript in bookmarks

Provided you can assign multiple actions to a bookmark, you can first execute a JavaScript to validate form contents, then run the Submit a form action to submit it.

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