Edit text in PDF

Master PDF Editor allows you to search for required information, copy and change text and objects in a PDF documents in the application directly without converting PDF documents to any other formats.


Adding Text to Document

To add text to the document press insert-text button on the toolbar or choose Insert -> Text menu item. Left click document page. A field with flickering cursor will appear. Here you can type in your text. After typing, click any place of the page.

If text must be moved, left click it, and its box will appear. Press the text with left mouse button and hold it while dragging the text.


Text Copying and Pasting

To copy text from PDF document choose Hand Tool hand. Select the text and choose Copy (Ctrl+C) item in the Edit menu. You can also right click selected text and choose Copy item in the context menu. Copied text is stored in the clipboard. You can insert text into a document opened in another application or find another place in Master PDF Editor for it.

To insert text into Master PDF Editor choose Text item in Insert menu or press insert-text button on the toolbar. Left click document page. A field with flickering cursor will appear. Now you can insert copied text. Right click the field and choose Paste (Ctrl+V) in the context menu.

In order to paste text on multiple pages choose Paste to multiple pages in Edit menu. This will show a dialog window which allows to set pages range for text pasting.


Text Modifying

To edit text choose Edit Text tool in Tools menu or press edit-select-text button on the toolbar.

Left click text you want to modify. Its box will appear. Text size can be changed by dragging box’es markers. To move text, left click it and drag while holding mouse button.

To align several objects with text choose required option in Edit>Align Objects menu: align by left, right, top and bottom. You can also press according button on the toolbar: align-left Align Left, align-right Align Right, align-top Align Top, align-bottom Align Bottom.

Example: You need to align several boxes with text by left edge. Select them in edit mode. Hold Ctrl key and consequently click required text boxes. Then press align-bottom Align Bottom button (or choose that item in Edit>Align Objects menu). Text will be aligned by bottom edge of the last selected text box.

If you need to remove part of text text or modify it, right click text in its box and choose Edit text item in the context menu (or double left click text in the box). Instead of the box a text editing field will appear. Move cursor to required location. Now you can modify text in the editing field: remove and add words, copy and replace them etc. You can move cursor in the text with left and right arrows or mouse.

Text attributes can be changed in the edit mode (when text is highlighted with its bounding box) or when text is highlighted with editing field. Master PDF Editor has a special tool called Object Inspector, which provides means to change font settings like family, color, opacity etc. You can open Object Inspector window by clicking its tab in the right part of the application workspace.

When editing text in a window four tabs are available: Geometry, Font, Transformation Matrix and Clipping Path.

Font Tab

  • Font — specify font family.
  • Size — specify font size
  • Type — specify font type. Options: fill text, stroke text, fill and stroke, invisible.
    Depending on font type, following attributes can be set:
  • Fill Color — font fill color. For types text fill and fill and stroke.
  • Stroke Color — font stroke color. For types text stroke and fill and stroke.
  • Line Width — font stroke line width.
  • Opacity — text opacity for any text type.
  • Character spacing — space between characters in words.
  • Word spacing — space between words in the text.
  • Line height — line height. It is possible to change this setting only for text with multiple lines.

Geometry Tab

  • Width and height — these two items of the Geometry tab allow to specify text object size. To do it, choose text and insert required data in these items.
  • Left — distance from left page border to the left border of the text object.
  • Top — distance from top page border to the top border of the text object.
  • Coordinates — sets offset when aligning text objects with settings in left and top items. Coordinates can be absolute or relative.
    • Relative — when aligning text using top and/or left items distance between text objects remains same.
    • Absolute — when aligning text all text objects will be moved irregularly and will be positioned in coordinate point set in top and/or left items.
  • Maintain aspect ratio — if enabled, object’s aspect ratio isn’t changed when its height and width are being modified.

Example: You have to move a line of text to the left and set it on defined distance from the page edge.

If the line consists of several text objects, you can choose them by holding Ctrl button and successively clicking them. In coordinates item set relative. Then input required distance in left item. All the text line will be moved to the left, and the distance between text in different boxes will remain same.

Text Rotation

To rotate text choose it in editing mode. Open Object Inspector on the Geometry tab. You can rotate text by custom angle by clicking arrow buttons or specifying angle in the corresponding field.

Please note that clipping path won’t be rotated if present. It should be removed. To do it, click Remove button in the Clipping Path tab.



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