Master PDF Editor Functionality

Master PDF Editor is multifunctional PDF documents editor which can also be used to view PDF files. It enables users to edit or remove documents’ contents and also to create, comment, compose and sign PDF files. Master PDF Editor generates PDF documents according to PDF 1.7 specifications.

Master PDF Editor provides extensive functionality for work with PDF files, which makes it one of the best PDF editing software:

Open and View PDF Files

  • Create PDF Documents

  • Create PDF documents with built-in virtual printer from applications supporting print like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice (Windows only).
  • Create blank document.
  • Create documents with various page sizes by increasing, decreasing or cropping pages.
  • Create documents out of existing PDF files and images.
  • Scan paper documents to PDF.
  • Recognize scanned images with possibility of text search and editing (text can be located both in front of the image or behind it).
  • Optimize scanned pages.
  • Add blank pages to the current document.
  • Add pages from PDF files and images to the current document.
  • Merge multiple documents into same file.
  • Split PDF files.
  • PDF Documents Protection

  • Create a digital signature in the document with flexible settings for its visual representation (use image or formatted text).
  • Sign document with digital certificate.
  • Validate digital signature.
  • Protect PDF documents with two kinds of passwords (a password for document opening and another for editing).
  • Copy PDF Document

  • View PDF document comments.
  • Add different comments to the PDF document: sticky note, underlined text etc.
  • Add typewriter comment to any area of the document page.
  • Create and add stamps.
  • Set comments properties.
  • Choose commented area with drawing tools and add a description.
  • Use measurement tools.
  • Change comments appearance.
  • Attach a file as a comment.
  • Edit PDF Documents

  • Add, edit, remove, replace or format text in the document.
  • Convert PDF text image into editable text format.
  • Add, edit or remove forms and manage them. Set up forms actions.
  • Add, remove, edit and manage hyperlinks. Set up actions for hyperlinks.
  • Copy and paste graphical objects and images. Move them, align, remove etc.
  • Insert copied objects into multiple pages at once.
  • Add, edit, remove watermarks, background or headers and footers in the document. Set parameters of these objects.
  • Edit container content.
  • Create, move, remove and edit bookmarks, set up actions with them.
  • Remove clipping path.
  • Manage document pages (insert, extract, remove, change size, order, rotate, crop etc).
  • Insert pages of the current document into another PDF file.
  • Export PDF to image.
  • Export PDF to text.
  • Export and import pages including bookmarks.
  • Optimize PDF files (by converting JPG and JBIG2 images, removing unused elements.

    Edit Properties of the Document or Pages

  • Change document properties (name, general information, author etc).
  • Create JavaScript to execute when the document is opened.
  • Create JavaScript to execute before or after saving, before closing, before or after document print.
  • Create JavaScript for each page to execute before or after page view.
  • PDF Document Forms

  • Recognize form fields.
  • Fill and save forms in PDF documents.
  • Create and edit a variety of interactive forms (list field, test field, hyperlink, button, flag, switch etc).
  • Set specific form parameters for different languages.
  • Set forms layout.
  • Place images on buttons.
  • Set event kind (open page, open file, execute JavaScript etc) to happen after user initiates predefined events with the form (mouse cursor hovered over form, button clicked or released, cursor moved out etc).
  • Export and import forms data.
  • Locate form fields by the grid.
  • Choose multiple form fields at same time for copy, alignment etc.
  • Copy form fields.
  • Insert copied form field(s) on multiple pages at once.
  • JavaScript forms support.
  • JavaScript automatic data calculation and validation support.

    System requirements:

    Microsoft Windows:
    Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit only).

    Qt 5.11.2 or higher, glibc 2.28 or higher (64 bit only).

    Version 10.13 or higher (64 bit only).