Editing Modes in Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is a convenient tool to modify PDF documents in any way. The application supports copying, pasting, removing, editing and other operations on objects. It also enables you to change properties of text, vector and raster images, PDF forms and other objects.

Below is a list of editing modes(tools) for different objects:

Button Tool Shortcut Description
Edit Document Alt+1

Mode for modifying any objects (text, images, comments, PDF forms).

Edit Text Alt+2

Mode for text objects modification.

Edit Forms Alt+3

Mode for editing of text forms and annotations.

Hand Tool Alt+4

This mode is used to move through the pages, fill PDF forms, open links, copy text, create and edit comments.

Select Text Alt+5

Mode for text selection for its further copying if it is hard to select the text with Hand Tool.

Hand Tool. Context menu

Context menu appears on right click on any object when Hand Tool hand is used. Depending on object kind following items are available:

  • Copy — copy selected object/text to clipboard.
  • Select All — select all text on current document page.
  • Add Sticky Note — add sticky note for document review. Described in more details in Comments section.
  • Highlight Text, Strikethrough Text, Underline Text — a tool-set for text commenting. More details on text commenting can be learned in Comments section.
  • Add Bookmark — see Creating and Modifying Bookmarks.


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