Stamps. PDF Files Commenting.

Stamp in PDF documents is a comment tool and an affordance of the paper imprint or stamp.

To add a stamp to the document, choose Stamp item in the Comments menu or click the corresponding on the toolbar. This will open the stamp palette, which enables you to select the required stamp sample.
As for any other comment tool, you can apply description for stamp, which will be displayed in the comment window. You can modify comment window parameters in Object Inspector.
Master PDF Editor allows using predefined stamps or create custom ones. Predefined stamps can be default or dynamic.

Default stamps contain only static stamp title and author name.
Dynamic stamps can also contain information retrieved from the computer at the moment of stamp placement: system date and time.
Author name can be changed in ToolsSettings menu on Comments tab. Stamp name will be left unchanged as by default.
Master PDF Editor also enables you to create custom stamps which differ from the default stamps and have custom title. To create a custom stamp, press the Settings button in the stamp palette.

Press Add button in Custom Stamps window to see Edit Stamp dialog window. There define the stamp title, choose the template and insert the text to be displayed on the stamp. After pressing the OK button, the created stamp will be displayed in Stamps list. After you close the window, it will be available in stamps palette.
To edit or remove existing stamps, select the stamp in Custom Stamps pop up window and press Edit or Remove button.

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