Split and Merge PDF Files

While the document is being developed, its content may require drastic changes. It can be assembled into single document out of several sections. Some pages, paragraphs and sections may be modified, rewritten, moved or copied into a separate document. With Master PDF Editor you can preform these tasks effortlessly.

Split PDF Files

Splitting a PDF document is extracting some of its pages into a new PDF file with some new filename.
This section explains splitting PDF files in detail.

Extracting pages from one document and saving them to another

To split a PDF document onto two or more parts and save them as separate documents, use the Document > Extract pages menu or press Ctrl+Shift+E. The following window appears:

Here, you can specify which pages of the current document you want to extract and save under a new name.

  • The Filename box allows you to specify or browse for a file to save the extracted pages to.
  • The Page Range section determines what pages are extracted.
  • Extract pages as a single file – if enabled, this option extracts all the selected pages as one PDF document. Otherwise, each page is saved as an individual document.
  • Export bookmarks – if there are some bookmarks pointing to the specified pages, those bookmarks are exported too.
  • Delete pages after extracting – this option removes the extracted pages from the original document effectively splitting the PDF document onto two (or more): the extracted one(s) and the original document save for the extracted pages. This cannot be undone.

Click OK to extract pages.

Note: extracting of pages from some PDF files may be restricted by their owners.


Merge PDF Files

This function allows to merge and systematize multiple separate PDF documents in a single file.

Merge using the Insert pages tool

To merge two or more PDF documents into one, click the Document > Insert pages menu or click Ctrl+Shift+I. The Insert Pages dialog opens.

Here you can browse for all PDF files you want to assemble into one single document.

  1. Click the Add Files or the Add Folder button to add a specific PDF or image file(s) or the entire contents of a folder to the below list.
  2. In the list, rearrange the added PDF files in the order their contents must follow in the final document by using the Up and Down buttons.
  3. For each document, you may specify a page range to import from that document by clicking the Page Range button.
  4. Set the position where all the selected documents and pages should be inserted. The Import Bookmarks option transfers bookmarks associated with the imported pages too.

Click OK to import pages. Master PDF Editor will open the specified documents and import the given pages to the current document from them inserting them to the position you have set.