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Update Policy

All licenses are valid indefinitely for the software product version they were purchased for. In addition, our customers are provided with free updates and technical support during one year from the date of the purchase. After that, updates and support are available at half-price for any other year.

Refund policy

We provide fully-functional trial versions of all our software so our customers can evaluate and test the software before making a purchase. Due to the expenses involved in payment processing we therefore do not provide refunds unless there is a technical problem with our software that cannot be resolved. If you have a technical issue please contact us for further assistance.

Please, contact us if you have any questions about licensing.

Code Industry - Online Store

Generally we provide fully-functional trial copies of our commercial software for immediate download, so you are welcome use a trial copy for evaluation purposes for a period of 30 days. If you like our software and wish to continue to use it beyond the trial period, you need to purchase a licence.

All the payments are processed through PayPro Global, an internationally known payment provider. Purchasing the program is most fast and easy with online order. All data is transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard. Different offline payment options are also available - credit card, paypal, fax, bank wire, purchase order.

The license entitles you to perpetual use and include 12 months support and updates

After your order has been completed, you will automatically receive your registration code via e-mail.  

Information for Resellers

We work with resellers on special terms including reseller discounts. If you are reseller and have any questions regarding reselling terms, do not hesitate to contact us.