Save session

Master PDF Editor allows saving open documents as a session for later viewing or editing. A saved session recovers number and tab order of open documents and last saved modifications.

The following ways are available to save a session, selecting FilesSessions menu item:

Save session. Save a session either to the session list or as a file, depending on how it was opened.
Save session to file. Save a session as the.mpesession file to a local folder.
Save session to managed sessions. Save a session to the sessions list (Managed sessions dialog box).
Save and close current session. Save a session and close open documents.

You can open a stored session at a later time by selecting FileSessionsManaged session or from the recent sessions list in the Sessions drop-down menu. A current session name is displayed below the recent sessions list. To clear the history of recently used session, select FileSessionsClear recent sessions.

Manage sessions in Master PDF Editor


Sessions are automatically saved when opening a new document, closing a document, closing a window and switching sessions.

An autosave session is automatically created when opening any document. You can edit a session name in the Managed sessions window and then continue editing documents.

Session behavior may change if the general parameters below are enabled:

• If Restore last session when application start is enabled, all last session documents are restored when relaunching the program, if any were open when the application was closed last time.
• To restore the last specified viewing options when the document is reopened, enable Restore last view settings when reopening.
• Enable Save recent files list to pin sessions to the list of recently used sessions.


Manage sessions

When selecting FileSessionsManaged sessions, the Managed sessions window opens:

Session management dialog in Master PDF EditorThis will display a stored sessions list. You can sort the list by session name, creation and last modification date, or number of documents opened in a session.

The following actions are available to manage sessions:

New. Create a new session.
Clone. Copy the selected session.
Switch to. Switch to the selected session, or double-click the selected session to open it.
Import. Import the selected session to the Sessions list.
Export. Export the selected session to a local folder.
Rename. Change the selected session name.
Remove. Remove the selected session from the Sessions list.
Remove all. Remove all sessions from the Sessions list.
Store paths to documents relative to session file when exporting sessions. When exporting a session, a file path is saved relative to the current directory.

Follow the recommendations when exporting and importing a session file, so it’s opened correctly:

1. Export a session file to the folder holding all documents saved in a session. Moreover, all documents saved as a session should be in the same folder.
2. It’s not recommended to change folder names and order when session file path is saved.
3. When opening a saved session file, a session file and all documents saved in a session, should be in the same folder at the moment a session was saved.