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In Master PDF Editor you can create static and dynamic forms. This functionality makes it easy to collect necessary data.

  • Highlight Fields (Ctrl+H)  Highlight all forms in the document.
  • Reset Forms  Reset all form values in the document. Values will be set to default or empty if the default option is not specified.
  • Edit Tab Order  Change the tab order of the forms to display forms more conveniently in the document with a Tab key.
  • Edit Forms (Alt+3)  Enable selecting and editing PDF forms.
  • Link Adding a link in Master PDF Editor (Ctrl+L)  Add a hyperlink to jump to a specific part of the current, attached, or any other document, to other files and websites. Link can also be used to initiate a predefined event.
  • Text Field Adding a text field in Master PDF Editor(Ctrl+E)  Create a text field. For example, name, address, phone number, date, and other text data can be entered in the field.
  • Check Box Adding a check box in Master PDF Editor  Create a checkbox, which has two states: disabled or enabled. When enabled, it has a check mark inside.
  • Radio Button Adding a radio button in Master PDF Editor  Create a switch, which allows choosing the only option from a limited set of mutually exclusive ones.
  • Combo box Adding a box with a drop-down list in Master PDF Editor  Create a box, that allows selecting a single item from a drop-down list or entering the input value.
  • List box Adding a box with a list in Master PDF Editor  Create a box, that allows selecting a single item from a list.
  • Button Adding a button in Master PDF Editor  Create a button, which can trigger an action.
  • Signature Adding a digital signature in Master PDF Editor  Add a digital signature to the document to protect it from changes and to guarantee the validity of the author’s identity.
  • Export Form Data…  Export form data with records to a separate FDF file.
  • Import Form Data…  Add form data exported and saved as an FDF file to the current document.

For details on how to fill, create, and edit PDF forms, see PDF Form fieldsPDF Form Properties, and Creating and Modifying Interactive PDF Forms.

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