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Setting View Mode

Master PDF Editor offers a variety of tools, which can help you set PDF documents display mode and scale. To access these tools, open View menu or use tool buttons on the toolbar.

  • Zoom In zoom-in/Zoom Out zoom-out (Ctrl++)/(Ctrl+-) — zoom in /out. You can also specify scale in special field on the toolbar

P.SYou can Zoom In/Out by holding Ctrl key and scrolling mouse wheel.

  • Actual Size zoom-original — set display scale according to the actual document size.
  • Fit Page document-open scale to display whole page in the document area.
  • Fit Width zoom-fit-width — set scale to make page fill entire width of the document area.
  • Facing Pages facing-pages — display two pages in document area at once (for multipage PDF files).
  • Show Cover Page During Facing Displays first image separately in Facing Pages view mode.
  • Replace Document Colors — change document colors to ones set in Tools > Settings > Display.
  • Rotate 90 degrees Clockwise rotate-right/ Rotate 90 degrees Counterclockwiserotate-left — rotate pages clockwise/counter clockwise.
  • Full Screen Allows you to use the entire computer screen for viewing and editing.

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