Measurement tools. PDF Files Commenting.

Measurement tools are designed to measure distances, areas and perimeters of PDF objects in the documents. With these tools you can also measure parts of the document before print.

  • Distance. Measure distance between two points.
  • Perimeter. Measure distance between multiple points, including closed loops.
  • Area. Measure area of linear objects.

When choosing measurement tool, Object Inspector will display such measurement parameters as result, pointer location, measurement units, scaling factor and comment for measurement result. Measurement units and result comment can be changed.

In order to measure distance between two points, choose Distance tool, press left mouse button at the starting point and move the pointer to the end point without releasing the button.

Perimeter and distance between two points can be measured with Perimeter tool. To do it, left click once each point of the measured outline. Then twice click the last point or press right mouse button to measure the outline length.

Area tool is designed to measure area of linear objects. To measure area, click once each outline angle point (2 points at least) of the measured object. To close the loop with the fist point, click right mouse button.

Measurement result will be displayed when mouse pointer (if Hand mode is on) is over the object measurement line. When double clicking it, a pop up window for comment text will be opened.

Object Inspector allows to modify such comment parameters as author, subject, note text, color, opacity and thickness.

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