Preferences Master PDF Editor

In order to open settings window, choose Tools > Preferences in Main menu.

In Mac OS X it is Master PDF Editor > Preferences…

System Tab

  • Create backup file. Master PDF Editor creates backup copy when saving the document. Backup is created only once.
  • Choice destination for «Save As…» documents. Choose folder to open when saving file with «Save As…».
  • Restore last session when application stasrt. Master PDF Editor saves and restores all opened documents and panels location when relaunching program.
  • Restore last view settings when reopening. If enabled, all view settings are restored when reopening the document.
  • Open documents as new tabs in same window (requires restart). If disabled, each PDF file will be opened as new application instance. Option is absent in Mac OS, because there it is set in general system preferences.
  • Enable scroll wheel zooming. Enables/disabled zoom control with mouse wheel or touchpad when Ctrl is pressed.

Forms Tab

  • Highlight color. Set color for highlighted PDF forms.
  • Required field highlight color. Set color for highlighted required PDF forms.
  • Always hide document message bar. Always hide pop up message.

Appearance setting for created PDF forms.

P.SUse Forms > Highlight Forms (Ctrl + H) for forms selection or forms selection reset. (For Mac OS X: Cmd+H).

Edit Tab

  • Time before a move or resize starts. Time after object selection before it can be dragged or resized. Prevents random mouse dragging.
  • Default font. Set default font settings for application.
  • Automatically change font when editing text. Automatic replacement of PDF font for system TTF font when editing text. Automatic replacement happens only if the application finds similar font in the system.


  • Enable JavaScript. Enables or disables JavaScript usage in PDF files.
  • Show errors and messages in console. Show errors and messages in console. Outputs all Javascript messages to the console after executing document’s code. JavaScript console can be opened in Document-> JavaScript Console


Default properties for comments.

  • Author. Default name is system user name. You can specify any name to set as author when creating comments.
  • Sticky Note. Note settings.
    • Type. Choose type of note appearance: comment, circle, check mark.
    • Opacity. Opacity of the note.
    • Color. Color of the note.

In the right part of the window you can set preferences for following comments: text highlight, text underlining, text strikethrough. To do this choose comment type in the dropdown list and set its preferences. Then choose next type and set its preferences too.

  • Highlight Text/Strikeout Text/Underline Text. Comment type selection.
    • Opacity. Opacity of the comment lines.
    • Color. Color of the comment lines.
    • Line width. Width of underline and strikethroug lines.
  • Pop-up Opacity. Opacity setting of pop-up form for all comment types.

Display Tab


  • Default Layout and Zoom. Page settings for newly opened and created PDF files.
  • Always show Object Inspector. Default setting for Object Inspector on launch. (Will be enabled for newly opened document if Restore last view settings when reopening. is not enabled in System tab.)
  • Smooth text and images. Choose objects to apply anti-aliasing.
  • Replace Document Colors. If enabled, provies possibility to change font and background color in the document.
  • Resolution:
    • System PPI. Uses system PPI setting to display document on the monitor.
    • Custom. Allows to set monitor resolution manually if it’s required for your work or Master PDF Editor incorrectly identified it.

P.SApplication relaunch is required for settings to take effect.


Tab is available for Windows and Linux only.

  • Theme. Enable to switch color theme to Fusion Dark Style.
  • Icons in menus. Show/hide icons in Main menu. This option doesn’t work in some Linux desktop environments, for example Unity.

P.SApplication relaunch is required for settings to take effect.

Language Tab

On this tab you can change interface language for Master PDF Editor.

P.SApplication relaunch is required for settings to take effect.


Set frequency for automatic update check. You can set to check never, weekly or monthly.

In order to check for updates manually choose Help > Check for update in Main menu.