View Menu

Master PDF Editor supports a set of general operations for PDF document view. They can be accessed via View menu.

  • First Page (Home), Previous Page (PgUp), Next Page (PgDown), Last Page (End): Move to the corresponding page.
  • Zoom In (Ctrl++) Increase current zoom.
  • Actual Size (Ctrl+0) Display content at 100% scale.
  • Zoom Out (Ctrl+-) Decrease current zoom.
  • Fit Page (Ctrl+1) Scale page to fit window in height.
  • Fit Width (Ctrl+2) Scale page to fit window in width.
  • Facing Pages (Ctrl+3) Display two pages at once for multipage PDF files (with 2 or more pages).
  • Show Cover Page During Facing Displays first image separately in Facing Pages view mode.
  • Grid(Ctrl+U) Used for more accurate objects positioning in the document.
  • Snap to Grid(Ctrl+Shift+U)  The object will be automatically aligned by the closest grid line after movement.
  • Replace document colors – change document colors for view to ones set in Tools > Setting > Display.
  • Enlarge Page Thumbnails – increase page thumbnails size.
  • Reduce Page Thumbnails – reduce page thumbnails size.
  • Find(Ctrl+F) Search for symbol sequences in a document.
  • Object Inspector (Ctrl+11) Show/hide Object Inspector.
  • Full Screen Allows you to use the entire computer screen for viewing and editing.
  • Toolbars Allow to show/hide one of six available toolbars.
  • Status Bar Hide/show status bar in the bottom of the window.

Setting View Mode