PDF Document Printing

You can print the document only if your computer is connected to local or network printer and it has required drivers installed.

  • Choose File > Print item in Main menu or press document-print Print (Ctrl+P) button on the toolbar.
  • Choose one of the available devices for printing in following pop up window.
  • Specify pages to print: all, current page, selected pages or pages range.
  • Specify number of document copies.
  • Press Print.

Print Preview

Print preview allows to set printing with additional settings.

To do it, choose File > Print Preview(Ctrl+Shift+P) item in Main menu.


  • Printer. Name of the printer to be used for printing. Use its properties to set paper size and orientation (portrait, landscape) and margins.
  • Pages range All pages, current page or specific pages range.
  • Subset  Choose which pages to print: All pages in range, Even only or Odd only.
  • Aspect ration Applied when actual PDF page size and printer paper size or different, i.e. page can take only a little of printed sheet’s area or exceed its borders. This option is disabled and ignored if Actual size is enabled.
    • Ignore aspect ratio. Stretches page to printer sheet size.
    • Keep aspect ratio. Stretches page to shortest sheet side saving aspect ratio.
    • Keep aspect ratio by expanding. Stretches page to longest sheet side saving aspect ratio.
  • Print as Grayscale If document has different color spectrum, and you want to print it with black-and-white printer, enable Print as Grayscale option.
  • Actual Size Set this on to print documents in real size.
  • Center item allows to locate printed page in the center of the sheet.
  • Orientation (Auto/Landscape/Portrait). In Auto mode the application will try to decide for each page if it should be printed as Landscape or Portrait.
  • Print As Image Use this option if you have any issues printing document content.
  • Print: Print document only or document and all annotations.
  • Page(1) of X  Choose page for preview before print.