PDF Document Printing

You can print the document only if your computer is connected to local or network printer and it has required drivers installed.

  • Choose File > Print item in Main menu or press document-print Print (Ctrl+P) button on the toolbar.
  • Choose one of the available devices for printing in following pop up window.
  • Specify pages to print: all, current page, selected pages or pages range.
  • Specify number of document copies.
  • Press Print.

Print Preview

Print preview allows to set printing with additional settings.

To do it, choose File > Print Preview item in Main menu.

Printer. Name of the printer to be used for printing. Use its properties to set paper size and orientation (portrait, landscape) and margins.

Pages range All pages, current page or specific pages range.

Aspect ration Applied when actual PDF page size and printer paper size or different, i.e. page can take only a little of printed sheet’s area or exceed its borders. This option is disabled and ignored if Actual size is enabled.

Ignore aspect ratio. Stretches page to printer sheet size.

Keep aspect ratio. Stretches page to shortest sheet side saving aspect ratio.

Keep aspect ratio by expanding. Stretches page to longest sheet side saving aspect ratio.

If document has different color spectrum, and you want to print it with black-and-white printer, enable Print as Grayscale option.

To print page in actual size, enable Actual Size option.

Center item allows to locate printed page in the center of the sheet.

Orientation (landscape, portrait).

Page. Choose page for preview before print.