PDF Form fields

PDF files can include two kinds of forms: interactive and non-interactive. Interactive form is a PDF form with fields, which can be filled without any additional functions. Non-interactive form is just a file with text and lines to write your data over them. Master PDF Editor allows to fill non-interactive forms with Insert Text tool.

Interactive forms can be filled with Hand Tool hand. You can print filled document and save it.

PDF file may contain following kinds of forms:

Button Name Description

Enables user for a quick move to another place of current, attached or any other document, to other files and web sites. Can also be used to initiate predefined event.

Push Button

Allows to initiate predefined event like opening a files, sending data to web-server, forms reset etc.

Check Box

Allows to set enabled or disabled condition. If a form contains several check boxes, users may choose any number of options.

Radio Button

Offers a set of options and allows user to choose only one of them when filling a form.

Combo Box

Provides user a possibility to choose an item out of a list or specify custom value.

List Box

Allows user to choose one or multiple items out of list.

Text Field

Field to specify custom text like name, address, date, phone number etc.


Empty field for digital signature.

Filling Interactive Forms

If a document contains interactive PDF forms, then you will see a pop up message «This document contains interactive form fields» when opening it. Message will appear if the application’s setting weren’t changed. To set Pop up message display when opening PDF with forms, open Tools > Settings > Forms tab. Enable/disable a checkbox near Always hide document message bar item.

Enable Hand Tool handto fill interactive PDF forms. You can enable menu item Forms > Highlight Fields, this will help you notice forms easier, because they will be displayed on color background set in Master PDF Editor Settings.

When positioning mouse cursor over form field, it will be changed to one of the following:

hand2 icon will appear when hovering the cursor over a checkbox, radio button, push button, list or combo box. Depending on field kind, when filling form you’ll have an option to choose an item or several items of predefined set. Left click the field to fill it

Icon (cursor) will appear when hovering mouse cursor over Text Field. Position a cursor there by left clicking the field. When you’ve finished typing text, press Tab or Shift+Tab to move to the next or previous field. You can also just mouse click a field you want to fill next.

To remove data from all document forms use Reset Forms command in Forms menu. Please note, that forms data won’t be restored with “Undo” command.

P.SYou can edit document with PDF forms just like any other PDF document, if file’s author hasn’t restricted this ability.

PDF Forms Properties. Objects Inspector

You can set parameters and define actions for form fields in Objects Inspector.

More detailed information can be found in subsection PDF Forms Properties. Objects Inspector

Aligning Interactive PDF forms

To align interactive PDF forms, use following toolset on the toolbar: align-left Align Left, align-right Align Right, align-top Align Top, align-bottom Align Bottom, or choose required option in menu Edit>Align Objects: align by left edge, right edge, top or bottom edge.

For example, you need to align several buttons by the left edge. Select these buttons in editing mode. To enable it, press Edit Document edit-select or Edit Forms edit-form button on toolbar or choose either of these tools in Tools menu. You can select multiple buttons by holding Ctrl key and successively clicking required buttons. Last selected button will be considered active, and all selected buttons will be aligned by its left edge. Its settings will be displayed on Object Inspector window. However, if you have selected all these buttons at once, none will be active and buttons will be aligned by page edge. Also see Aligning Objects.

Creating and Modifying Interactive PDF Forms

One of the most demanded functions of PDF editors is a possibility to create PDF forms. Master PDF Editor allows to place in documents any interactive forms, which later can be filled, signed with digital signature, printed, saved or sent via email.

More detailed information can be found in subsection Creating and Modifying Interactive PDF Forms

Import and Export Forms Data

This function is available only for interactive PDF forms. When using export, forms data are copied into specified FDF format file.

When importing data to the document, previously exported and saved in FDF file data containing results of PDF forms filling are added.

Unlike comments, only forms data can be imported and exported.

But like comments, forms data export help decrease size of transferred data. To export forms data, choose Forms > Export Form Data… item in Main menu. A Save As… window will appear, which allows you to set name and path for data file and save it with Save button. By default data file is named like: (source document name)_form.fdf.

Example: М y document_form.fdf

To import forms data into the document, choose Forms > Import Form Data… item in Main menu. Use following pop up window to choose file with data and press Open button.

Forms content will be identical to file they were exported from.