Document Menu

  • Insert Blank Pages Display a dialog window where you can choose position and number of new pages and their parameters (size, orienttion, field contents size).
  • Delete Pages (Alt+Del) Remove current or selected pages. You can also use a panel with thumbnails to select and delete pages.
  • Move Pages Display a dialog window where you can set specific pages to move and their destination. Can be used with thumbnails panel, which allows to choose pages with mous. You can use Shift key with left mouse button to select a continous group of pages. You can choose any group and number of pages if holding Ctrl key.
  • Crop Page (Ctrl+K) Crop page content with mouse.
  • Page Layout Display a window which allows to set page layout (width, height in pixels, inches or mm) and content size if user needs to display only part of a page (left, right, top and bottom fields).
  • Rotate Pages (Ctrl + R) Rotate current or selected pages by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
  • Extract Pages Secify file name to export pages to (you can also use Browse button) and numbers of pages to export. It is possible to export all the pages to same file or create separate file for each page. You can also export bookmarks.
  • Insert Pages Import pages from specific PDF file (use Browse button), specify location for import in the current document and numbers of pages for import. Allows to import bookmarks as well.
  • Document Actions Creation and modifying of JavaScript functions to be executed on specific document actions, such as:
  • Document Did Print, Document Did Save, Document Will Close, Document Will Print, Document Will Save

  • Document JavaScript Creation and modifying of JavaScript code to be executed on document opening. Global JavaScript functions and variables called from local events are also defined here.
  • JavaScript Console allows to execute any JavaScript code or get debug JavaScript output of current document.
  • Page Properties Setting tab order for PDF forms in Hand Tool mode.Available options:
  • Use Row Order, Use Column Order , Use Document Structure, Unspecified.

Creating and modifying JavaScript code to be executed on page opening and closing.