System. Print Settings

To open the print settings of the ImagePrinter Pro, double-click the ImagePrinter Pro desktop icon and choose the System tab on the left panel.
All these settings can also be accessed via the Print Dialog while printing a document with ImagePrinter Pro (see Basics).
All available print settings are listed in the table below.

UI Control


Show dialog before print checkbox

·Extended Dialog radio button displays the Print Dialog before printing where you can configure the settings of the print-ready files.

·Standard dialog Save File As radio button shows the default Save File As dialog where you can browse to the target folder.

Run application after printing checkbox Opens the print-ready documents in the corresponding application when the printing is over.
File Name section

·Save original name checkbox indicates that your print-ready file will have the same name as the initial document. To specify another name, disable this checkbox and type a new name in the field below.

·Add ‘1’ to first page checkbox indicates that the corresponding number will be added at the end of each print-ready file’s name.

·Custom radio button allows you to specify another initial number for adding at the end of each print-ready file’s name.

·Add JobID to the file name checkbox indicates that the printing job’s ID will be added at the end of each print-ready file’s name.

·Reset JobID button resets the job counter and starts it anew (Administrator’s permissions required).

·Delete Print Jobs button removes all printing tasks in the queue.

Run application after printing section

·Open file using default program radio button indicates that the print-ready file obtained will be opened in the linked application when the print job is complete.

·Select program radio button allows you to run any program (with parameters) in which the output file will be opened. Example: “C:\someprogram.exe” [-params] “path_to_file” where [-params] are the optional keys and “path_to_file” is the absolute path to the file you want to open with the name of this file.

Output folder box Sets the default target folder for output print-ready files.




  • For details on how to change DPI and/or Paper Size of the output file, refer to Basics.
  • By default, each change you make will be applied for all users. If you want to apply changes only for yourself, disable the Settings for all users checkbox in the bottom left corner.