ImagePrinter Pro – Online Activation

To activate ImagePrinter Pro in online mode, your PC should be connected to the Internet.

If you’re already online, perform the following:
Double-click the ImagePrinter Pro desktop icon and, in the window that appears, choose the About tab on the left panel. You’ll see the following screen:

image printer activation
Copy and paste the registration code that you’ve previously obtained and then click Activate. This will activate ImagePrinter Pro and remove all limitations.
Also, the text label in the upper part of the window will change to Registered version (build X.X.X.X).


  • If you do not have a registration code, click the Buy Online button to purchase the ImagePrinter Pro on our website. Then, we’ll send you the code via e-mail.
  • To re-activate ImagePrinter Pro once again, click the Deactivate button and repeat the activation procedure as described above.
  • The server license is required, if you want to use ImagePrinter Pro on the server.

Once the activation is complete, you’ll be able to receive free updates for your copy of ImagePrinter Pro during 1 year. Simply click the Check Update button to find out whether there are any updates available for you.