E-mailing Printed Documents

Options in this tab are provided for files delivery via e-mail right after printing. In order to activate these options, check Enable sending of files via e-mail item.


Option Description
Use default program Default e-mail client application in your system is used for delivery
Use SMTP Email is delivered directly via your SMTP. You can specify recipient (To field), Subject of the message and its Text.
In SMTP section basic SMTP settings must be specified: address, port, user name and password for e-mail delivery. If you do not know how to fill these fields, contact your system administrator.
After specifying delivery options, you can test them. Press Test SMTP button and choose any image to send as test message with specified settings.


By default, each change you make will be applied for all users. If you want to apply changes only for yourself, disable the Settings for all users checkbox in the bottom left corner