E-mailing Printed Documents

To configure the e-mailing of your print-ready documents, double-click the ImagePrinter Pro desktop icon, choose the E-mail tab on the left panel and check the Enable sending of files via e-mail box.

For a complete list of the available settings, see the table below.

UI Control


Use default program radio button Enables you to choose the default e-mail client for sending messages (you can select either Outlook or Thunderbird). Note that if you’d like to use Thunderbird, make sure it is installed on your system.
Use SMTP radio button

·To, Subject and Text allow you to fill out the default e-mail fields.

·SMTP section contains the basic SMTP server parameters like address, port, username and password that you use for sending e-mails. If you don’t know how to fill them, contact your system administrator.

·You can also verify the parameters by clicking Test SMTP button and choosing any image that will be sent to the recipient as a test message.


  • If you want to use Thunderbird, ensure that it is installed on your system. Otherwise, no e-mails will be sent.
  • By default, each change you make will be applied for all users. If you want to apply changes only for yourself, disable the Settings for all users checkbox in the bottom left corner