How to Convert Document to Image using ImagePrinter Pro

Follow the steps below to convert any your document to image using ImagePrinter Pro:

  •  Open document what you want to convert


If it is in DOC format – in Microsoft Word.
PDF in any PDF viewer, e.g. free Adobe Reader.

  • Choose File > Print… and in the print dialog select the ImagePrinter Pro as your printing device.
  • Click Print in the print dialog to start the print process.
  • In the next window ImagePrinter Pro will propose you to choose a directory for file saving and the format you require.
  • Click OK in the print dialog to start the print process.

Once printing starts, you’ll see the progress bar that will be notifying you about current actions that ImagePrinter Pro is now performing.

By default, print-ready files are given the same names as the initial document. You can change this setting on the System tab.


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Note. If you see the “Not Registered Version” text across each page, it means that your copy of ImagePrinter Pro needs activation.