What is new in Master PDF Editor for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Version 3.7.10 May, 19th, 2016

  • Fixed issue with “Replace document colors”, slightly increased speed of pages drawing and decreased memory consumption.

Version 3.7.02 May, 17th, 2016

  • Added functionality to set default comments appearance.
  • Added default PDF forms appearance setting.
  • Added “Page options” form, where tab order for PDF forms can be set. Also allows to create or modify JavaScript code to be executed on page opening and closing.
  • Added “Selection change” property for Listbox.
  • Increased number of supported functions for JavaScript PDF API.
  • Added possibility to use global functions and variables defined in “Docment JavaScript” from any local events.
  • Added functionality to output all JavaScript messages of the current document to JavaScript console.
  • Improved work with XFA forms, added context menu, hotkeys and form selections, fixed several issues with XFA.
  • Fixed issue with color images containing ICC profile.
  • Fixed issue with bookmark properties setting.
  • Fixed some issues with PDF forms events.
  • Fixed issue with comboboxes in Object Inspector for Mac OS version.
  • Fixed multiple issues causing application to display PDF incorrectly or crash.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Version 3.6.30 April 4th, 2016

  • Improved “Paste to Multiple Pages” function
  • Improved work with PDF forms, also some forms’ issues are fixed.
  • Added context menu and “Move to New Window” function for document tabs. It opens current document in separate Master PDF Editor window.
  • Improved work with attachments. Added “Open” function. If attachment is PDF file, then this function opens it in new Master PDF Editor window.
  • Added “JavaScript Console” feature, which allows user to execute any JavaScript Code or get debug JavaScript output of current document.
  • Fixed several critical issues, which caused application to crash.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
  • Added other minor features.

Version 3.6.17 March 23th, 2016

  • Fixed some issues in print preview dialogue.
  • Fixed some issues which occurred when resizing objects in proportional resize mode.
  • Fixed some issues which occurred when resizing vector images with Object Inspector.
  • Fixed proportional change of line height when resizing font.
  • Added “Line Height” property to Object Inspector.
  • Fixed some issues with comments creation.
  • Fixed issues which occurred when creating bookmarks and using them to navigate in some files.
  • Fixed some issues with PDF files saving.
  • Improved “Save Optimized As…” function.
  • Added SSL support for Windows version (was implemented earlier for Linux and Mac OS X).
  • Fixed specific Mac OS X issues.
  • Fixed other issues.

Version 3.6.00 January 31th, 2016

  • Memory usage optimized. Fixed memory leaks. Implemented memory manager. New version has 4-5 times lowered memory consumption comparing to older releases, some cases show difference up to 10 times.
  • PDF files are loaded 4-5 times faster. Results are spectacular on bigger files. Of course, difference on small files between 0.3 seconds and 0.05 seconds can’t be noted, but large files for thousand and more pages are loaded significantly faster. Currently it takes less than 1 second to open big documents whereas it was 3-4 seconds earlier.
  • Windows and Linux versions have new «Open documents as new tabs in the same window» which allows to open newly opened documents in same window. Mac version had this function earlier since it was regulated by OS X settings.
  • Added “Paste to Multiple Pages” function. It allows to insert clipboard content to all or selected pages. Choose “Paste to Multiple Pages” item in “Edit Menu” to use it. This will open a dialogue window which has all the pages except for current selected by default. Function is designed for insertion of watermarks, headers and any other objects, which have to be created on multiple pages. In order to do this it’s enough to create sample at one page, copy it to the clipboard and then insert it to the selected pages.
  • Improved PDF signing with digital signature. Added ability to set custom text on the signature which will be displayed after signing.
  • Fixed some issues on digital signature validation.
  • Added Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  • Fixed issue with hot keys in some localization.
  • Added “Document Actions” function, which allows to call JavaScript events on some actions like saving, closing or printing the document. These events enable developers to change PDF before and after actions. Some developers use these events to insert watermark to the printed document, while the file itself wan’t have the watermark.
  • Added “Document JavaScript” function, which provided ability to create and edit scripts working when PDF document is opened.
  • Added “Rotate” function, which enables user to rotate objects by any angle. It is controlled in “Object Inspector” in “Geometry” section.
  • Fixed issues with «Open/execute a File» event. Now it also uses relative, not absolute path to file.
  • Improved uniting different text objects into words and sentences.
  • Added «Open with Master PDF Editor 3» item to Windows’ Explorer context menu.
  • Improved “Align Objects” function. New version aligns objects by the page edge if multiple objects are selected, but there’s no current object. If current object is selected, then object will be aligned along it.
  • Fixed issue with Ctrl key sticking, which appeared at some Linux distros. Mostly important for Linux Mint.
  • Improved and redesigned work with comments. Now moving comments and changing their properties is possible without switching to edit
  • Fixed some issues with Windows virtual printer.
  • Improved print system. Added “Actual size” option in print preview window.
  • Improved text selection in Hand Tool mode.
  • Fixed some issues with PDF forms filling.
  • Fixed some issues with objects editing.
  • Fixed issue with default font used for text insertion or editing.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
  • Added several new function for JavaScript and application interface interaction.
  • Added some other minor abilities.

All the functions added to Master PDF Editor are completely compatible with PDF 1.7 standard.

Version 3.5.81 December 28th, 2015

  • Optimized memory consumption.
  • Increased pages display speed.
  • Fixed issues with bookmarks and links desynchronization when removing, inserting or moving pages.
  • Fixed issues with uniting different text blocks into sentences.
  • Improved conversion XPS to PDF (different DPI is also taken into account now), added XPS bookmarks convertion.
  • Fixed several issues with virtual printer.
  • Fixed some issued with PDF forms editing.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Version 3.5.16 December 15th, 2015

  • Added several hotkeys.
  • Added right-to-left writing support for PDF forms filling if required for current language.
  • Added possibility to set custom DPI when exporting to images, DPI range is from 1 up to 1200 now.
  • Fixed issues with rotated text.

Version 3.5.10 December 7th, 2015

  • Fixed some issues with PDF re-saving.
  • Added fast search panel.
  • Added storing size of thumbnails and panels itself.
  • Added possibility to print several copies considering “Collating Copies”.
  • Added context menu when filling PDF TextFields.
  • Improved memory management, now memory is freed at once after closing of a tab with a document.
  • Now new vector images are created with parameters set in Object inspector and not default parameters.
  • Added option to disable icons in menu.
  • Fixed issue with copying/pasting from Klipper in Linux.
  • Fixed some other issues.

Version 3.5.02 November 24th, 2015

  • Added function to set custom display DPI.
  • Improved changing of Sticky Note icon type.
  • Fixed bug in Windows installer.

Version 3.5.00 November 23th, 2015

  • Added possibility to create comments and bookmarks using selected text with context menu.
  • Added Save Optimized As function which recreates PDF from scratch re-compressing images according to settings and removing all unused elements.
  • Added Maintain Aspect Ratio switch in Object Inspector.
  • Improved work with fonts when editing text.
  • Added automatic font replacement when editing text if the application finds font alike in the system.
  • Slightly increased file loading speed.
  • Fixed issues which occurred when re-saving some objects.
  • Fixed issues with drawing when selecting text.
  • Now raster images are also copied into system clipboard when copying and added function to export raster images into files
  • Added images insertion from SVG files.
  • Fixed issues in HiDPI mode for Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed some other issues.
  • Improved localizations.

Version 3.4.12 September 29th, 2015

  • Fixed some issues with system clipboard
  • Fixed some issues in Linux with incorrect DPI values

Version 3.4.10 September 22th, 2015

  • Added commands “cut”, “copy”, “paste”, “select all” when using hotkeys in PDF textfield.
  • Fixed some issues which occurred when editing form fields.
  • Added separate icon to display fonts embedded into PDF, so they can be distinguished from system TTF fonts.
  • Fixed some issues with text editing.
  • Now in Mac OS X default Actual Size is taken as screen DPI.
  • Slightly changed default print settings.
  • Added other minor features.
  • Added several hotkeys.
  • Fixed other issues.
  • Removed memory leak.

Version 3.4.03 September 9th, 2015

  • Fixed issues with encoding which occurred when editing or inserting text.

Version 3.4.01  September 8th, 2015

  • Fixed some issues and improved PDF object editing.
  • Added comments properties editing functionality.
  • Implemented HighDPI support for Linux and Windows (was made earlier for Mac).
  • Fixed issues with dark themes, added Fusion Dark Style for Qt5 version.
  • Fixed issues with Unicode in PDF Forms.
  • Now default Actual Size is taken as screen DPI (Linux and Windows).
  • Added DPI choosing for printing on Linux.
  • Fixed other issues.

Version 3.3.22 August 30th, 2015

  • Fixed several issues, one of which caused a crash.

Version 3.3.20  August 24th, 2015

  • Added support for new JavaScript functions.
  • Added manual import and export of PDF forms data with FDF
  • Added manual import and export of comments data with FDF
  • Added function of search by text in comments
  • Fixed and optimized Inline Images
  • Fixed issue with default fonts for Mac and Linux versions

Version 3.3.10  August 17th, 2015

  • Fixed issues with display of images with incorrect ICC profile
  • Fixed issues with Insert Blank Pages
  • Fixed other minor issues
  • Removed memory leaks

Version 3.3.00  August 9th, 2015

  • Increased loading speed of complex PDF with lots of elements and PDF files with large numbers of pages
  • Added “Edit Text” tool, which allows to select and edit text only
  • Implemented separate loading of every object create inside another single object, enabling user to edit all elements
  • Added commands “Rotate 90 degrees Clockwise” and “Rotate 90 degrees Counterclockwise”, which rotate the document without additional dialog
  • Added object moving with arrow keys, objects are moved by 5 pixels or by 1 pixel with Ctrl pressed
  • Added functionality to insert indexed and b/w images with transparency
  • Improved text selection and copying, which also affects “Highlight Text, “Strikeout Text” and “Underline Text” comments
  • Added Units to “Page Layout Dialog”
  • Fixed issues with pages display in Print Preview dialog with Dynamic XFA form
  • Changed display of the message for encrypted documents
  • Fixed issues which occurred when setting current page for GotoPage event for bookmark in some cases
  • Fixed issues with shading objects when turning page
  • Fixed and improved work with objects copy/paste and PDF form fields
  • Fixed issue with comments for undo/redo
  • Fixed issue with application window size restore in IceWM
  • Fixed other issues
  • Improved localizations
  • Added several hotkeys


Version 3.2.81  July 18th, 2015

  • Fixed and improved objects copy-paste
  • Removed potential problems with PDF files saving
  • Fixed issue with restoring program to full screen size on some Linux distros
  • Fixed several minor problems
  • Added several hotkeys
  • Updated localizations


Version 3.2.62  June 29th, 2015

  • Fixed issue with newely entered text objects copy and insert. Also fixed issue with text blocks. Now text splitting to blocks stays same after saving and reopening.
  • Fixed issue of saving objects with incorrect numeric values.
  • Changed hotkeys for Mac OS X (fixed conflict with system hotkeys)


Version 3.2.60  June 26th, 2015

  • Fixed issue with vertical text.
  • Fixed default font display for Linux and Mac OS X with non-default width.
  • Fixed issues with some images saving.
  • Changed edit and display algorithms for objects created in one form.
  • Fixed some issues with Bookmark editing.
  • Fixed issues with Submit Form event options editing.
  • Added possibility to edit action Named (Execute a menu item)
  • Added event call when executing menu items: NextPage, PrevPage, FirstPage. LastPage, Print, Close, Print, GeneralInf.
  • Added numerous events for Bookmarks and Links.
  • Added automatic Submit Form for FDF when using Local file, FTP and HTTP.
  • Saving PDF objects if they already exist in PDF file (currently these objects aren’t used by the application): OCProperties, StructTreeRoot, PageLabels, ViewerPreferences,
    Threads, URI, MarkInfo, SpiderInfo, OutputIntents, PieceInfo, Perms, Legal, Collection, Requirements, FICL:Enfocu etc.
  • Fixed issues when restoring parameters view of file which was opened previously.
  • Added (*) to filename in window title when file is changed. Also included additional check for changes in file before closing it.
  • Changed default font loading if font in applications settings is incorrect.
  • Improved Print Preview dialog. Added possibility to choose three different levels of printing quality for Linux version. For Windows and Mac OS X this can be changed easily in printer system settings.
  • PNG icons in application converted according to latest PNG specifications.
  • Fixed issue with page layout changing if left top document coordinate is less than 0.
  • Added several hotkeys.

Version 3.2.00  June 15th, 2015

  • Implemented view and filling Dynamic XFA forms created with LiveCycle Designer
  • Fixed numerous problems from previous version.

Version 3.0.00 June 2nd, 2015

This is completely new application, not having anything in common with 2.x versions besides GUI and some other modules. 90% of code was rewritten from scratch. One of major changes in 3.0 version is multiple document interface support.3.0 uses completely new library for viewing, displaying, editing and saving PDF documents. JavaScript support implemented for work with PDF forms. PDF forms filling code is improved and the process is currently conducted in complete accordance to PDF specifications.