What is new in Master PDF Editor 4 for macOS, Windows and Linux

Version 4.0.60
February, 23th, 2017

  • Master PDF Editor 4 with spectacular improvements and new features including OCR is out for macOS now!
  • Improved creation of new document from existing files. Now files of the following formats can be used: PDF SVG SVGZ TIF PNG JPEG BMP PPM.
  • Extended application’s localization. Localization for following languages is 100% complete: English, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish.
    Not fully complete localization (about 75 %) for following languages: Armenian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish.
  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 4.0.40
February, 8th, 2017

  • Fixed some critical bugs, among them of functions like Extract Pages, Scanning, Save Optimized As…
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Extended application’s localization.

Version 4.0.30
Jan, 16th, 2017

  • Improved work with scanner. Now on Linux, image can be rotated or cut before inserting to the document page after scanning.
  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 4.0.20
Jan, 10th, 2017

  • Added show/hide main menu function. Also “Full screen” mode is displayed without menu now.
    Function doesn’t work in systems where main menu is global like macOS or Ubuntu Unity.
  • Fixed issues with hotkeys, particularly for Unity desktop in Ubuntu.
  • Fixed issues with OCR, including issues with languages installation.
  • Fixed other issues.

Version 4.0.10
Dec, 29th, 2016

Master PDF Editor 4.0 is based on version 3 890wbmm.x. New release of the established PDF editor has all the best of what was implemented for earlier versions, but with lots of bug-fixes, new features and tools.

  • Added function of scanning paper document into PDF file.
  • Added OCR – optical character recognition.
  • Added “Add/Delete Headers and Footers” function.
  • Added “Add/Delete Watermarks” function.
  • Added “Add/Delete Background” function.
  • Added functionality for PDF export to text format.
  • Added functionality of image files convertion to PDF.
  • Added “Send by email” function with default email delivery application or SMTP.
  • Menu View has another one new kind of document display on screen – “Show Cover Page During Facing.”
  • Added work with Stamps.
  • Added virtual grid and implemented possibility to move objects by it.
  • Added different types of comments.
  • Added «Measuring tools» in comments.
  • Added possibility to export/import PDF forms when exporting/importing pages.
  • Added possibility to use system fonts in PDF forms.
  • Added search function for following parameters: “Whole Words Only” and “Find Previous”.
  • Improved general text search algorithm.
  • Increased number of JavaScript supported functions, fixed issues with global functions and variables.
  • Added “Full Screen” function.
  • Increased number of settable PDF document properties (File – Properties – Initial View) Also improved possibility to display document according to these properties on opening, if Default is set in Default Layout and Zoom.
  • Fixed issues, which occurred on resaving of some PDF documents.

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