What’s New in the Master PDF Editor 5

Version 5.9.82
Fabruary 2, 2024

  • Added the ability to select a destination folder for backup files.
  • Added the ability to print pages in reverse order.
  • Fixed an issue with force manual text editing when using OCR.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying vector images.
  • Fixed an issue with extracting pages as separate files.
  • Fixed an issue with font size settings of Callout and Typewriter.
  • Fixed an issue with maintaining aspect ratio when changing size and orientation of a page.
  • Fixed an issue related to incorrect deletion of pages.

Version 5.9.81
December 8, 2023

  • Added the ability to insert image files using drag and drop.
  • Fixed critical issue when minimizing main window of the application.
  • Multiple minor fixes.

Version 5.9.80
December 5, 2023

  • Added page replacement function.
  • Added Сallout commenting tool.
  • Added the ability to select a folder to save files printed with a virtual printer on Windows.
  • Added “Go to page” window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect instrument rendering behavior.
  • Fixed a bug that caused font size to be incorrect when exporting to Word and Excel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Geometry tabs to expand when changing objects.
  • Fixed a crash caused by malformed PDF documents created with other programs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused last view settings of a document to be ignored.
  • Fixed window geometry restoring incorrectly after being minimized.
  • Fixed incorrect display of Sticky Note.
  • Fixed selection of Custom page number when printing with Multiple mode.
  • Fixed Object Inspector freezing when editing a link.
  • Fixed corruption of document content when printing via the built-in PDF-printer.
  • Fixed problem caused canceling of text editing when Autosave is enabled.
  • Fixed freezing that occurred when dragging and dropping pages in Navigation Panel.
  • Fixed a bug prevented bookmarks from being saved with the name of a document.
  • Fixed a bug made scrolling page thumbnails in Navigation Panel impossible on macOS.
  • Fixed a bug related to crash of the program when disabling the “Edit text Elements as Blocks” checkbox.
  • Fixed a bug related to reset of shortcuts.
  • Multiple minor fixes.

Version 5.9.70
October 10, 2023

  • Added the ability to convert PDF document to Word and Excel.
  • Added the ability to sort documents when they are combined or inserted.
  • Added dynamic theme switching for macOS version.
  • Imlpemented cryptographic USB tokens support on Linux.
  • Fixed a crash caused by renaming locked files.
  • Fixed measurement units displaying incorrectly above page preview in printing dialog.
  • Fixed an issue caused crash when adding headers and footers to multiple files.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in color change of document title when clicked on macOS.
  • Fixed a bug caused the Toolbar to display dark using a light theme on some systems.
  • Fixed an issue with changing name of edited files.
  • Fixed an issue with opening some files that contain XFA-based PDF forms.
  • Fixed an issue with display of Office Pro icon set.

Version 5.9.61
August 30, 2023

  • Added tooltip to display file name when hovering over tab.
  • Added feet unit to the measurement tools.
  • Increased the accuracy of the scaling factor in the measurement tools.
  • Improved the appearance of “Add Headers and Footers” dialog.
  • Fixed issues with older OpenSSL version that prevented correct activation.
  • Fixed issues with bookmarks.
  • Fixed issues related to incorrect pasting of objects.

Version 5.9.60
August 22, 2023

  • Added document preview in the Watermark and Background dialogs.
  • Speeded up cancellation of OCR.
  • A number of fixes and improvements for OCR.
  • Fixed search not opening the corresponding page when program is in a single-page mode.
  • Fixed an error when reloading a new document tab that wasn’t saved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when cancelling OCR.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to restoring view settings.
  • Fixed an issue related to encrypted files preview in Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed incorrect export to text.

Version 5.9.50
June 28, 2023

  • Added the ability to customize page scrolling settings. Useful when Continuous page mode is off.
  • Added the ability to use custom tesseract-supported OCR languages.
  • Added file preview in Windows Explorer for Windows systems.
  • Added separate save of the left panel width for each left panel tab.
  • Added the ability to save, open and add multiple attachments at the same time.
  • Added frequency of checking for updates once every 3 months.
  • Added preview for more convenient adding of headers and footers, including Bates numbering.
  • Implemented functionality to add Bates numbering.
  • Implemented session management, it is available in File Sessions in the main menu.
  • Significantly improved Page Scaling functionality. Now, the content of the page is scaled with the page itself.
  • Significantly improved OCR performance. Now, OCR computations are conducted in multiple threads.
  • Significantly improved adding, editing and deleting headers and footers, implemented additional functionality for their management (Document Header and Footer Manage).
  • Improved functionality of “Distance tool”. Now a measurement value is displayed on the document while the tool is active.
  • Improved detection of blank pages during scanning.
  • Improved attachment handling.
  • Improved display of page numbers in the navigation bar.
  • Increased performance of drawing tools.
  • Extended tab context menu. Now it is possible to duplicate and rename the tab.
  • Extended JavaScript API support.
  • Repackaged installer, now Windows version is distributed as MSI.
  • Fixed issues when inserting/merging PDF files with bookmarks.
  • Fixed several issues in “Deskew” option that caused file corruption.
  • Fixed an issue related to changing fonts in the “Typewriter” tool.
  • Fixed an issue that caused content disappearance when rotating pages.
  • Fixed an issue related to text orientation in form field.
  • Fixed several issues related to dragging tabs.
  • Fixed a bug with adding pages.
  • Fixed an issue related to the size of the application window.
  • Fixed a bug with navigating through the search result.
  • Fixed an issue related to changing the color of commentaries.
  • Fixed a bug related to Pencil and Brush comments color not being changed in the Object Inspector.
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect behavior of comment Opacity.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to changing comment parameters via Object Inspector.
  • Fixed incorrect display of some menu items in dark theme.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect date of Sticky Notes.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect insertion of objects to mouse position.
  • Fixed incorrect insertion of multiple documents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash while scanning.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect insertion of watermark and background.

Version 5.9.40
March 11, 2023

  • Added the ability to export tables to CSV.
  • Added new comments such as Polygon and Cloud.
  • White background turns transparent when creating initials from images.
  • Added an option disabling the automatic creation of PDF from static XFA.
  • Added an option to delete bookmarks with the “Delete” button.
  • A hyperlink is created automatically just when it is inserted.
  • Improved text merging into blocks when editing text.
  • Updated Page Range behavior in the OCR dialog.
  • Fixed bugs related to the documents with permissions.
  • Fixed some bugs with the digital signature window.
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting headers and footers.
  • Fixed bugs related to deletion of objects from ObjectTree View.
  • Fixed a bug related to selecting a custom page size when creating a new document.
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of “Import Bookmarks” checkbox in the “Create a new document from files” dialog.
  • Fixed a bug related to drawing the initials.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect object insertion when the toolbar button “Paste” is pressed.
  • Fixed a macOS specific bug related to progressBar in the OCR dialog.
  • Fixed numerous issues with the bookmark importing.

Version 5.9.35
January 26, 2023

  • Scanned documents processing is improved, now the color of the documents is not lost when removing background.
  • Extended localizations.
  • Fixed an issue with excessive update check.
  • Fixed an issue that caused crash upon some modifications of text objects.
  • Fixed an issue with OCR languages downloading in some configurations.
  • Fixed an issue with the processing and scanning of black-and-white documents.
  • Fixed a bug with opening a file contained in a read only directory.
  • Changed the Page Range behavior.

Version 5.9.30
January 20, 2023

  • Updated icons on macOS.
  • Expanded and updated localizations.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect importing of bookmarks.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect display of signature data.
  • Fixed a bug with opening the last page when deleting.
  • Fixed an issue with moving pages between documents.
  • Fixed an issue with Home and End keys working in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug with document display in “Fit to Page Width” and “Fit to Page” modes.
  • Fixed various issues with document scrolling.
  • Fixed different interface issues.
  • Fixed issue with text encoding of some PDFs.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 5.9.20
December 30, 2022

  • Added the “Delete all comments” and “Delete all visible comments” buttons on a page or in a document.
  • Added the “Continuous” button to toolbar on macOS.
  • Added an option to select a design theme on macOS.
  • Added an option to see the registration code for a registered program in the About window
  • Added the buttons and Page Counter on the toolbar on macOS.
  • Added changing of a file extension when editing an image format.
  • Added an option to warn disabled occurred when trying to open a link.
  • Significantly improved the detection of the background fill color for OCR, both in colored and black-and-white documents.
  • Significantly improved the digital signature functionality. Added settings for displaying information, inserting custom signature text, creating a colored border, and locking interactive form content in a document.
  • Improved a mouse behavior in the single page view mode.
  • Improved the print dialog interface when the “Multiple” mode is active.
  • Improved page scrolling in the single page mode.
  • Fixed an issue with restoring comments via the undo command.
  • Fixed an issue caused a crash after scanning from file on macOS.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging tab out, due to which the wrong document was opened.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Even or odd pages” selection being inactive in the printing dialog.
  • Fixed numerous issues with the bookmarks.
  • Fixed various issues with the interface.
  • Fixed several other issues.

Version 5.9.10
November 9, 2022

  • Added “Edit Headers and Footers” function.
  • Status bar now shows page format.
  • Added new buttons into thumbnails list on Navigation bar.
  • Fixed the bug with pasting objects after copying them from other sources (e.g. web browsers).
  • Added new function to drag and drop open tabs to open a new window or move document to a different Master PDF Editor instance.
  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.9.06
October 26, 2022

  • Added single page view mode. Normal mode is now called Continuous.
  • Improved text editing, separated objects are now automatically merged into blocks.
  • Improved OCR – updated tesseract-ocr to 5. Simplified OCR settings.
  • Added functionality to save files as PDF/A.
  • Disabled font auto-replace when editing, now it is replaced only when required.
  • Added new window for font replacing when editing text.
  • Reintroduced Win32 support.
  • Fixed issue that caused crash during document optimization.
  • Fixed issue with text encoding of some PDFs.
  • Fixed XFA render with some fonts.
  • Extended enterprise functionality.
  • Fixed crash when scanning in some Linux systems.
  • Removed transparent background in redaction settings.
  • Added check for registration code expiration when checking updates.
  • Added file locking for cases of simultaneous opening by different Master PDF Editor instances.
  • Some modifications to tool-sets.
  • Added buttons to the bookmark page of the Navigation bar.
  • Added page number to search results.
  • Added page insertion in the Navigation bar.
  • File name length in the tab header is now dynamic.
  • Improved rotation in the Object Inspector.
  • Improved detection of the background fill color for OCR.
  • Added pages deleting from the Navigation bar with the Del button on the keyboard.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the delete bookmarks button.
  • Fixed the popup bar behavior on text selection.
  • Fixed moving to a page containing search results.
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the Object Inspector.
  • Highlight tool now saves its color after selecting a different tool.
  • Added auto-save option with specified interval.
  • Added new feature to mark inserted pages with a bookmark.
  • Added option to choose even/odd pages everywhere upon page range choice.
  • Added align and move to layer buttons to Object Inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where comment’s author would be shown as author of replies to the comment.
  • Fixed a bug with the names of files when exporting pages. In some cases files weren’t created when the filenames were empty.
  • Fixed the bug with the update of page count when pages were inserted through Navigation Bar.
  • Fixed the bug with the deletion of pages through Navigation Bar when the count of columns was decreased incorrectly.
  • Added a new feature, now it’s possible to paste copied objects into a current mouse location, instead of original coordinates only.
  • Added multiple selection in Object TreeView.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 5.8.70
July 4, 2022

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.8.63
June 15, 2022

  • Implemented fully native UI in macOS.
  • Reworked scanning module in macOS.
  • Reworked printing module in macOS.
  • Introduced full native support of M1 and M2 CPUs in macOS.
  • Added new scanning options for all operating systems.
  • Fixed fonts loading in Windows.
  • Improved “Optimize scanned pages” option.
  • Fixed numerous issues with JavaScript.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 5.8.52
May 5, 2022

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.8.49
April 12, 2022

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.8.46
April 03, 2022

  • New options for scanning: automatic page rotation, background removal, empty pages skip.
  • Added “Optimize scanned pages” option.
  • Introduced new JavaScript engine, which drastically increases performance in most cases.
  • Reworked Attachments panel: added multiple removal and a new form with buttons, fixed display of the attachment size, added drag and drop support and hotkeys.
  • Fixed issue with the create second signature.
  • Fixed issue with forms copying which caused freezes.
  • Added floating pop up panel for comments.
  • Fixed printing issue in Multiple mode.
  • Fixed issue with re saving of some files.
  • Fixed several issues which caused application crash.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 5.8.33
January 21, 2022

  • Fixed multiple issues, which appeared only on Linux and macOS.
  • Added scanning preset functionality in Linux.
  • Added native colors support for macOS.

Version 5.8.30
January 8, 2022

  • Added full support for editing static XFA.
  • Fixed printing issues.
  • Fixed scanning issues in Linux. Improved support of various scanners.
  • Fixed issues with resaving of some files.
  • Added document size optimization when removing pages.
  • Improved vector images and comments adding and editing.
  • Added fast dictionaries for OCR for some languages.
  • Increased performance in Linux by switching to newer compiler.
  • Released arm64 version support for Linux.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Version 5.8.20
November 11, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.8.18
November 9, 2021

  • Updated Tesseract to 4.1, extended settings for OCR.
  • For virtual PDF printer: added color selection, 2400 DPI, A0 and A1 paper sizes.
  • Added “Replace image” function.
  • Fixed image editing function, now the image is saved with the dialogue.
  • Implemented search by all kinds of comments.
  • Fixed display of some raster JBIG2 images.
  • Fixed some issues with XFA.
  • Extended JavaScript API support.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Version 5.8.06
September , 29th, 2021

  • Improved work with scanners on Linux, added page size selection fixed issues with some kinds of scanners.
  • Modified certificates validation behavior. Now default verification is weak, it allows to create a new signature field in the signed file and sign it without invalidation of the old field. Strong verification can be enabled in sittings.
  • Fixed optimization for HiDPI screens for 150% scaling. 200% scaling was implemented earlier.
  • Implemented “Take snapshot” function for XFA documents.
  • Added tab order modification. Forms -> Edit Tab Order.
  • Fixed issue with text anti-aliasing on some systems.
  • Added file saving with specific PDF version.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect text display in some documents.
  • Fixed multiple other bugs and issues.

Version 5.7.90
August , 2nd, 2021

  • Added quick creation for 19 different comments. (Comments -> Label). If the application was already installed before update, toolbar button for must be manually added from Toolbar settings.
  • Added scrolling when moving page with mouse on Pages tab in Navigation bar.
  • Enlarged menu on “Pages” tab, added export for selected pages.
  • Reworked Take a Snapshot function. Now the image is created with 300 DPI minimum, the DPI information is also written into created image.
  • When pasting an image from the clipboard, DPI of the image is accounted for.
  • Fixed issue with floating menu with quick actions for text.
  • Added possibility to merge files (PDF, XPS, TIF, JPEG, PNG) from Windows explorer. Right click selected button and choose “Combine in Master PDF Editor” item. It is now also possible to merge files from Linux command line.
  • Fixed display of some PDF files in Facing pages mode.
  • Added progress bar when exporting to image, it is now possible to cancel export.
  • Fixed several critical issues with display of some PDF files.
  • Fixed several critical issues with saving of some PDF files.
  • Fixed other critical issues, which caused the application crash.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Version 5.7.60
May, 6th, 2021

  • Improved work with digital signatures.
  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.7.53
April, 6th, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.7.40
March, 16th, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues.
  • Updated localization.

Version 5.7.31
March, 11th, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues with Printing, Digital Signatures, Text Editing and more.

Version 5.7.20
January, 31th, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.7.10
January, 24th, 2021

  • Fixed several different issues.

Version 5.7.08
January, 19th, 2021

  • Fixed issue with possible file corruption upon file resaving when applying digital signature.
  • Added certificates properties viewing for invalid signatures.
  • Fixed issues with loading of some pictures.
  • Fixed issue with certificate opening from Certificate manager for Linux.

Version 5.7.00
January, 16th, 2021

  • Remediated all known Shadow attack vulnerabilities with PDF Signatures.
  • Added possibility to sign PDF with multiple digital signatures.
  • Added work with signatures belonging to the whole document, not a page.
  • Added possibility to disable recent files history.
  • Added other minor features and improvements.
  • Fixed issue with application crash on signing document.
  • Fixed issue with printing file with pages in different orientation.
  • Fixed issue with Typewriter.
  • Fixed issue with endless recursion when saving a file.
  • Fixed issue with arrow properties modification.
  • Fixed issue with color for lines and arrows.
  • Fixed several issues for pop up panel.
  • Fixed other minor issues.


Archive release notes:



New features:

  • Implemented redaction of sensitive information functionality.
  • Implemented initials creation and insertion for PDF documents.
  • Added alternative rendering method for PDF documents. It is distinctly faster and automatically turned on for HiDPI screens.
  • Added option: reduce RAM usage or increase render speed.
  • Implemented direct FDF file opening without the need to open PDF file and import FDF.
  • Implemented layers functionality (Read only currently. Editing will be added in further releases).
  • Added drag-and-drop pages functionality, which works between different Master PDF Editor instances.
  • Added possibility to open multipage TIFF files. When opened, TIFF files are automatically converted to PDF document.
  • Added possibility to edit raster images in external application.
  • Added new Insert Pages dialog. Now it is possible to insert pages from multiple files and image files.
  • Added possibility to specify move to action by a button or a link with visual selection of the target position using scroll, mouse and zoom.
  • Added default size setting for Sticky note comments.
  • Added possibility to edit vector image by vertices.
  • Added line width and opacity for Grid settings.
  • Added option to save last used tool.
  • Added Locked parameter for comments.
  • Implemented reply functionality for comments.
  • Added status setting for comments.
  • Implemented possibility to view comments by type, author and state.
  • Implemented Previous and Next view functions.
  • Added functions to move object forward or backward one position.
  • Added Edit raster images tool.
  • Added Edit vector images tool.
  • Added certificate settings.
  • Added certificate manager for Linux.
  • Implemented full UTF8 support for PDF forms.
  • Extended available information on certificates when viewing.
  • Implemented PDF encryption and decryption with certificates.
  • Altered check for trusted certificates in Linux. Now trusted certificate is a certificate with opened key in stored in system certificates or imported during certificate check.
  • Added extract all images function to export all raster images into folder.

Improved following:

  • Improved work with stamps, added user home dir where the stamps are loaded from. Implemented loading stamps from multiple pages of PDF template.
  • Improved vector images selection.
  • Extended information on status bar.
  • Improved text selection.
  • Significantly improved text search in the document.
  • Improved algorithm of signature validation in Linux.
  • Improved work with bookmarks, multiple bookmarks selection and work with them (For example, remove a list or move it or select all bookmarks and remove).
  • Proportional image scaling when creating digital signature.
  • Now possible to set margin by four positions (top, left, right, bottom) in Page size. These values can be negative now.
  • Added Remove pages after export option.


  • Fixed issue with images export.
  • Fixed issue with images insertion to PDF. Now image size is set according to DPI.
  • Sticky note comment can’t be rotated now, as it should be according to PDF specs.
  • When copying text objects the font is not copied (if present) thus not increasing file size.
  • Fixed issues of Save Optimized As function
  • Fixed issues with export to TIFF.
  • Fixed issue with bookmark actions settings.
  • Fixed issues with export to FDF format.
  • Fixed issues with headers and footers.
  • Fixed some issues which led to crashes.
  • Fixed issues with rendering of particular files.
  • Fixed issues with reading of certificate properties.
  • Fixed numerous other issues.