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ImagePrinter Pro allows you to print to JPEG 2000 file any document.

Print as JPEG2000 File Interchange Format. Same as printing to JPEG, but this format has higher compression ratios, this means less file size.Only Single page. There are only few programs which understand this format currently.

While there is a modest increase in compression performance of JPEG2000 compared to JPEG, the main advantage offered by JPEG2000 is the significant flexibility of the codestream. The codestream obtained after compression of an image with JPEG2000 is scalable in nature, meaning that it can be decoded in a number of ways; for instance, by truncating the codestream at any point, one may obtain a representation of the image at a lower resolution, or signal-to-noise ratio. By ordering the codestream in various ways, applications can achieve significant performance increases. However, as a consequence of this flexibility, JPEG2000 requires encoders/decoders that are complex and computationally demanding. Another difference, in comparison with JPEG, is in terms of visual artifacts: JPEG 2000 produces ringing artifacts, manifested as blur and rings near edges in the image, while JPEG produces ringing artifacts and ‘blocking’ artifacts, due to its 8×8 blocks.

Print to Grayscale or TrueColor (24 bit color) into JPEG2000 file.

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