Document Properties

Choose File > Properties in Main menu or press Ctrl + D.

Document properties window contains four tabs: Document Info, Scurity, Initial View and Fonts. Its appearance can be seen below.

Document Info

Document Info tab allows to specify following properties: Title, Subject, Author, Creator and Producer. User also can specify some keywords corresponding to the document’s content in the bottom field.

Document Security

Access to PDF can be limited with password. For security purposes you also can disable some functions, for example printing or editing. However, it is impossible to prohibit saving PDF copies. It is ensured, that copies will have same limitations as original PDF file.

Click Change button to set password and edit items in Permissions group. Additional window will appear, it allows to set passwords for the document.

Two kinds of passwords can be used for PDF encryption:

  • Document open password. A password required to open the document.
  • Permissions password. If some functions are disabled for the document (Permissions list), a permissions password for access rights modification must be set. Document open password is not required.

If PDF file is protected with passwords of both kinds, it can be opened with any of the passwords. But user has to enter Permissions password to access Permissions. It is adviced to set both passwords to establish better security.

  • Print the document. Printing is possible with 150 dpi or lower resolution.
  • Print a high resolution version of the document. Pinting is possible with any resolutions.
  • Content copying for accessibility. Allows users to select and copy document text.
  • Extract the content of the document. Allows to copy text and other objects.
  • Fill in existing form or signature fields. Users may fill and sign form fields. Doesn’t allow to add comments and create new form fields.
  • Commenting. Filling form fields and digital signature signing. Users may sign with digital signature, leave their comments and ,fill forms. However, users cannot move objects on the page or create new form fields.
  • Manage pages and bookmarks. Allows to insert, remove and rotate pages, create bookmarks and thumbnails.
  • Modifying document. Allows to change document content (text, images etc)

Initial View

Initial View tab provides means to set view of the workspace of the document for any PDF viewer used to open it.

  • Page Mode. Choose required page view mode from the list.
  • Open on Page. Specify number of first page for view.


Fonts tab provides a list of all fonts used in the document.